Disney Sea Part 2

I went to Disney sea with my co-intern for the whole day on Monday. During this trip I have been to Disneyland four times in eight weeks; I truly have loved living 4 minutes away from the Disney Resort station. I can’t believe it is all over, but I have many memories to cherish for years to come.

We stayed the full day pretty much and it was so exhausting. According to my iPhone I walked a total of 12.5 miles that day. It was so worth it as Disney Sea is just a beautiful and fun park. We went on almost all the rides I went on last time and a few new ones that I hadn’t been on. Unfortunately the park was pretty crowded because it is now summer vacation, but the park didn’t feel crowded. If you get fast passes every few hours it is not that bad.

I went on my first upside down roller coaster and it was fun. The rides at Disney Sea are more intense than Disneyland but not too extreme like real roller coaster parks, which I like. I personally think Tower of Terror is worse than the upside down roller coasters. It was fun seeing what it is like going upside down a bit more slowly compared to when I do gymnastics and flip all the time but cannot see what I am doing.

It rained suddenly a bit while we were at Disney Sea but I was prepared with an umbrella. I was glad that I wore flip flops because it would suck walking around in wet shoes. The weather was still super hot and humid though. I wish there were a bit more shady spots to sit down and relax. We were still able to get some beautiful shots of the park!

The favorite part of the day for me was finally buying the intense Disney Sea merchandise that you see almost everyone in the park wearing. #societalpressure #capitalism I’m happy that I waited and it wasn’t a complete impulse buy. I bought a Gelatoni pouch that holds maybe a Chapstick and is meant to wear around your neck and serves no real functional purpose other than being super cute. It is a green/bluish cat so I just had to. I also bought one of those intense big backpack/purses that looks and feels like a stuffed animal but it is actual a very big and functional purse. When my mom sees it she will shake her head and think it is ridiculous, but I spent the whole day with the other intern discussing potential uses and I think I will get sensible use out of it. I will try to bring it when I come to Japan because this is the place that is most judgement free. I will probably use it in the U.S. when I’m going to a causal place; I have decided that I’m just going to use my weird and cute Japanese merchandise and if people think it is weird that is alright.

Also, apparently every Japanese girl who buys the bag knows how to turn the straps into a backpacks…like how do you do it???? We tried so many times and just couldn’t figure it out. The way I wear it looks super awkward but oh well. I guess I’m not cool enough. 

Sorry I have so many stuffed animals in my room, mom and dad. I’m a child

I’m in Akita now so it is time to relax and take each day a bit more slowly. 


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