Akita Day 1: Nail Salon

I arrived in Akita Tuesday night–I mistakenly chose a really late flight because I was unsure about my AirBNB check-out (will write a blog post about my AirBNB experience when I get home), but I ended up checking out at around 11AM and got to the airport for a 7PM flight at 1PM. I spent the whole day at Haneda but it was fine because I watched Netflix and relaxed.

Being in Akita is so great because not only do I get to spend time with my awesome Japan Japanese family (I always have to say Japan Japanese because half of my family is technically Japanese), but I can escape the busy city Tokyo life. I love Tokyo and I would probably want to live in Tokyo if I were to live in Japan due to the business opportunities, but sometimes it is good to escape the crazy city. Akita-shi is still a city, but things aren’t so compact and people don’t seem like they are constantly rushing. I also get to practice speaking Japanese more because I’m not living alone finally. I wish I was able to speak more at my work, but I’m happy that I was able to improve at least in my writing, reading, and understanding. 

The first full day in Akita I got my nails done. I went to this place last year and it is great because they will do any design for you with unlimited stones for 5000¥. That’s expensive in the States since I never get my nails done there, but in Japan that is super cheap for a kawaii design. I’ve been waiting to get this design and I am so happy with the results!

The family has a new pet bird that happens to match my nails. I have some experience with birds *cough cough* so I like taking the bird out to play. He is just like the other bird I have babysat in that he sits on my head and likes to chew on my earrings. Now he tries to chew my shiny nails. This bird is a lot calmer and doesn’t scream and its poo is not watery so I appreciate it.

At night I watched the Kanto festival. It goes from the 3rd-6th every August. It is a beautiful festival that requires much practice and preparation. I am so thankful to get to experience this festival for the second time.

I will talk about the Kanto Festival in more detail in my next post. I believe I also talked about it a year ago on this blog. Good night! 


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