Akita Day 4: Kanto All Day

The last day of the festival was so tiring, but very rewarding. We woke up super early to leave the house around 7AM to meet the team for the morning kanto competition. The competition took place outside the Akita Art Museum and different teams compete in various groups. There is adult kanto, kids, and taiko/flute. 

I didn’t understand much what was going on and I watched with my host grandparents from inside a cool building overlooking the competition square. Apparently our group won third place in the kids competition and fourth in taiko! 

We ended up staying there until about 3PM to wait for the results. It was a super long morning and early afternoon, especially because it was so hot. 

We returned home and had to leave again at 4:30 for the actual festival. Like I said in my last post, I participated again by playing the taiko. It was fun talking to everyone and further improving my Japanese skills. 

After the festival we all went out to a very delicious dinner at a yakiniku place. It was very much set up like Korean BBQ that I’m used to in that they had salad and other side dishes. The meat and seafood just kept coming and it was so amazing. I sat with girls my age and I will be very sad that I won’t be able to see them anytime soon. 

What a great and busy four days of the Kanto festival! 


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