Orientation Day 2

また忙しかった日ですね!昨日のようにみんなが8時半ロビーに集まって、キャンパスを歩く代わりにアイイーエスセンターに行きました。多くの授業がここに集合され、このビルは好調な経済の頃建てされたそうですが、減少経済で開室がたくさんあります。グラスエレベーターや機能されていない屋内の噴水などにたくさんお金を使って残念です。Another busy day! We met again in the lobby at 8:30, but this time instead of going to campus, we walked to the IES center. Most of our classes will be held in this building. The building that the center is in was apparently built when the economy was really good, but now it is not so good as apparent by the empty office buildings. It is quite sad as it is so quiet, yet you can see how much money they spent on the glass elevators and indoor fountains that no longer work.

寮の情報も他のセッションが行われました。明日寮に入居を楽しみにしています!今日アメリカと違って、日本の寮が一般的にすごく厳しいと習いました。例えば、厳しい外出禁止令、不在の場合は外出届が必要、異性の滞在客が禁止等というルールがあります。若者及び様々な大学に通っている大学生も住み、寮を特定の大学が持っていません。もちろん面白い経験になりますね!We had more information sessions, including our dorm info. I can’t wait to move in to our new homes tomorrow! We learned that unlike in America, dorms are generally very strict. For example, there are strict curfews, you must notify the dorm manager in advance if you plan on staying out, no guests of the opposite gender, etc. Young people as well as college students from various schools can live in the dorms, as the dorms aren’t usually owned by a specific school. It will be a good experience! 

昼休みに留学生たちとビルの食堂で食べ、サラリーマンがたくさんいて、すごく日本っぽいです。美味しくて安くて、このラーメンは480円だけでした!For lunch I ate with a group of students at the office cafe. There are lots of business man and it is very stereotypically Japanese. The food is really good and super cheap! I got this ramen for 480¥ only.

In the afternoon we had a tour of the area with our E-pal. We toured with another E-pal and two other exchange students and it was so fun. Although my feet hurt a lot, or was fun getting to know each other and making funny jokes. I’m thankful to meet new people who share the same interests as me.

以上で、ブログを読んでくれてありがとうございました!That’s all for today! 


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