Orientation Day 3

昨日はオリエンテーションの最終日でした!朝また安全と健康について住所セッションでしたが、地震体験車が来て楽しかったです。いろいろな地震マグニチュードをして、デーブルの下にダックアンドカバーを練習ということです。Yesterday was the last day of orientation. We again had info sessions in the morning regarding safety and health, but it was fun because an earthquake truck came. This truck simulates different magnitude earthquakes and let’s you practice “duck and cover” under a table. 

昼今学期にはどの企業で体験するか習いました。この日本社会組織研究コースというのは水曜日に将来に興味がある職業に関する企業で体験することです。週2回で習った日本のビジネス文化を話し合う授業があります。私は毎週の水曜日に名鉄グループの銀座会社に行き、様々なホテルにセールストークをしに行く営業部を体験します。この会社は名古屋に勤務地にあって、私鉄を運行しるほか、旅行会社のように観光ツアーも提供しています。伝統的な会社なので、日本語かビジネス習慣も間違えないといいんですが、頑張ります!In the afternoon I also got my field placement. This program allows us to go to a Japanese business that is related to our intended field to shadow once a day on Wednesdays. After the shadowing, we have a bi-weekly class to discuss what we learned about Japanese work culture. My placement will be at Meitetsu Group in their Ginza office. I think this company is based in Nagoya and owns a private railway, but they also have tours just like a travel agency. I will be placed in the sales division that goes to different hotels to make sales pitches, so I get to observe how they do it. It is a very Japanese domestic company so I hope I am okay with understanding all the Japanese and not messing up the traditional Japanese work customs. I think I made myself look like I know more than I do by writing my resume in Japanese. My grandma will be proud that I am doing travel related stuff! 

4時半ぐらい寮に引っ越しました。学割で定期券を買うことを手伝ってもらって、寮に着いてからお父さんとお母さんのような寮長さんに紹介されました。ツアーを案内してくれ、覚えるものがたくさんありますが、無理ではないと思います。私の部屋は広いし、シャワーの隣にあるし、好きです。寮についての総合的な投稿を留学のプログラムの後でします。Around 4:30 we moved in to our dorms. They helped us get the monthly train pass with a student discount. When we arrived at the dorm, we were introduced to the dorm managers who are like our mother and father. He gave us a tour and there are so many things you have to remember and a lot more rules, but nothing unreasonable. I really like my room and it is close to the shower room so it is convenient. I will do another blog post about just my dorm at the end of my exchange. 

4人の留学が一緒に寮に住み、他の日本人を日本語が上手になるために知るようになれるといいんです。大変疲れたので、夕食を食べてからすぐ寝ました。オリエンテーションが終わりました!Four other people from my program live in the dorm with me. I hope I am able to meet other Japanese students so I can get better. I was so tired after moving in that I just went to bed right after eating dinner. Orientation is done and we are on our own now! 


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