Tokyo Tour 

授業の前のIESプログラムがスポンサーされた遠足で、東京には行ったことがない場所も含まれ、様々な所に行きました。友達と話したり、新しい場所に行ったりするのは楽しかったです。IES sponsored a Tokyo tour field trip before classes! We went to various places around the city, some of which I have never been to. It was a good time hanging out with friends and exploring new places.

午前10時に築地に会って、本願寺を歩き、展示会が残念に閉まっていたので入れなかったんです。それに、忙しい築地市場を見に行ってみましたが、場内も閉まっていました。さしみとか他の美味しそうな食べ物を食べたかったですが、私のケチな大学生の予算で無理でした。At 10AM we met at Tsukiji. We walked into the Honganji Temple, but unfortunately the exhibits were closed. We also tried to explore the busy fish markets, but the inner fish markets were also closed as well. I wanted to buy some fresh sashimi and other foods but it was just too expensive for my college student cheap budget.

Next was Asakusa! I have been here twice before and normally am not a fan since it is super crowded with tourists, but I had fun talking to the E-pals. For lunch we walked to a nearby sushi place, and it was fun ordering sushi from the iPad like gadget and then watching it come to your table. We also saw a nearby owl cafe!

The last place was Tokyo Tower. I haven’t been to Tokyo Tower or Skytree before, so it was nice to finally go to one of the “iconic” places of Tokyo. IES payed for us to go halfway to the first observatory, but if you want to go all the way to the top you have to pay more. It was cool seeing all the different places in Tokyo I’ve been from the 360 degree view. I really love this city!

At night some of us exchange students went to this really cool aquarium. I will write about it in another post because there are just too many awesome pictures to share. 


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