Hula in Yamashita Park

数日前に5年ぶり前会っていない家族の友達が横浜にある山下公園に急に招待しました。自分の教会で他の日本の教会と一緒にミニソトリーをするために日本に来て、公園で楽しいフラダンズやウクレレの歌を演奏し、見ている人々を教会の礼拝に招待するということです。A family friend whom I have not seen for five years spontaneously invited me to Yamashita Park in Yokohama a few days ago. She came to Japan with her church to team up with another church in Japan to do ministry. The plan was to perform some fun hula dances and ukulele songs in the park and invite people to church for the next day service.

ちょっと早く着いたら、公園にはハワイ祭りがもうあって、ビックリしました!ハワイから輸入された物を売っている発売、多くのフラダンズの舞台、犬がたくさんいて、とても楽しそうでした。多くの犬たちを見るのが楽しみ、実際に半分の発売が犬のものを売っていました。例えば、餌のサンプル、可愛い服、ペット保険、フォトスポットもあり、小さい場所にはそんなに多くの犬たちが集まることをまだ見たことがありません!I arrived a bit early and it turned out that there was a whole Hawaiian festival in the park already. There were booths selling things from Hawaii, several hula performances, and so many dogs. I had so much fun looking at all the dogs. In fact, half of the booths catered to dogs; they have out free food treats, has cute clothing for dogs, pet insurance, and even photo spots for your dog. I had never seen so many strollers made for dogs in one place–it was quite a scene.

When I finally found my friend and met her friends we ate lunch together on the grass. It was nice meeting everyone and talking to people. The rain held up a bit, but once they started it rained quite a lot. They didn’t mind though and people stopped to take pictures and watch even though the weather was bad. I’m thankful that she invited me to witness such a beautiful event, singing and dancing to praise songs both in Hawaiian and Japanese.

Although Yokohama is a bit far from Chiba, I didn’t mind the train rides and it was good to just relax on a Saturday. I can’t believe that September is almost over! My study abroad in Japan will be over before I know it, so I’m trying hard to utilize this experience as much as possible, but also trying not to have too many rigid plans so that I can be always listening to how God wants to use me this semester. He is so faithful! 


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