The Lonely Cafe

Did you know there’s a cafe that lets you sit with stuffed animals so you won’t be lonely? Well I decided to go to that cafe because I love stuffed animals and I always eat alone so I might as well be alone AND eat with a stuffed animal. I actually remember when I was on a cruise when I was about 5 years old and whenever I passed by this restaurant that had a table with giant stuffed animals sitting on it, I would pet them and call them my “friends.” This is probably a really lonely and sad introduction, but I promise that it was so fun today!

The Moomin Cafe & Bakery in Dome City lets you not only sit with stuffed animals that are rotated every twenty minutes or so, but you can also eat unlimited bread. I didn’t eat too much because the food was so filling, but I only payed 1,350¥ in total for the whole meal!

I heard that they always give people who come alone a stuffed animal to sit with, but they didn’t give me one until I asked for it…I was wondering if I give off a serious impression that I don’t like/need stuffed animals? Eventually I got one after asking so pathetically. I mean, I’m not going to come all this way and not eat with a cute stuffed animal!!

I went to church after eating lunch. I will be honest, I had a hard time coming to church in the beginning of the semester because I still sometimes think about the hurt I have experienced just right before studying abroad. I’m glad I was obedient to God’s call to keep going and I have met some really nice people so far, and have joined a community group. We shall see how my relationships progress this semester. It will be very sad leaving because I won’t be able to go to a familiar church with a familiar church family when I return home. Church is not about familiarity of course but as a person who thrives in routine, it will be difficult. I have been saying this whole time that I won’t live in Japan, but maybe by the end of this program I will feel the need to keep coming back because of the people I keep meeting and the new familiarity that is being created.

After service I had dinner and Starbucks with some people from the church, one of which has been reaching about to me. I felt very blessed and it was nice to have someone like a mentor in my life. It is probably my own fault, but I can’t say I have had too many mentors throughout my whole life. I am too independent and need to work on opening up and letting others help me and allow them to speak into my life without feeling like I’m always “okay.” 

I’m motivated and ready for this week! (Sorry I did not translate this post. There are too many difficult things that I would like to try to translate for practice, but I don’t want to mess up the meaning as it is very important to me so this one post will just be in English.) 


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