Trick Art Museum 

土曜日に二人の友達とお台場にある新しい場所に行きました。東京トリックアート迷宮館というのは、錯視を起こさせるアートと楽しい写真を撮れることです。楽しかった経験でした!I went to a new place in Odaiba with some friends on Saturday. The Trick Art Museum is where you can take funny pictures next to artwork that creates a visual illusion. It was really cool and fun! 

博物館に行く前に、たこ焼きのテーマパークエリアで昼食を食べました。たこ焼きがあまり好きではないけど、まあまあ美味しかったです。一番面白いことは、様々な店とかレトロアーケードだと思います。Before going to the museum we ate lunch at the takoyaki “theme park” area. I’m not really a huge fan of takoyaki, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I think the most fun thing about that area are the interesting shops and the retro arcade.

The museum is near the takoyaki area, so it was quite convenient. The entrance fee is 900¥, so not too bad. Below are some of my favorite pictures from the museum. There are so many photo opportunities!


After the museum I played tour guide and showed my friends some of the other places around Odaiba I like to go to. The weather was not too great as it was a bit gloomy, but it was still fun to walk around. 

There was even Oktoberfest but the cheapest drink was 1,000¥, so they didn’t buy anything. There was also some giant multi-cultural event with several NGOs, African embassys, etc. I love that there are always interesting events like these every time I come to Odaiba.

Happy October! 


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