Second Day at Field Placement

今日は社会体験の2日目でした!すぐ着いてからコンピューターで翻訳の業務があって、嬉しかったです。ツアーの日程表を英語に翻訳して、エクセルに入力しました。言葉を辞書でいつも調べず、ほとんど理解してあまり難しくなかったです。それに、今年のインターンシップでコンピューターをいつも日本語で使っているので、今日本語でエクセルのようなプログラムをすらすらに使えます。Today was my second time at my field placement! Right after I arrived I had a translating assignment on the computer to do, so I was very happy. I had to translate a tour itinerary into English and put it into Excel using the same format. It was not too difficult and I could understand almost all of it without constantly looking up things in the dictionary. It also helped that I used the computer all in Japanese this summer at my internship so I can use programs like Excel in Japanese fairly decently now.

昼は、担当者と二人の会社員とIBMに行きました。何かの会議があると思いましたが、実際にIBMの会社員と他の企業スタッフに手伝いました。ITイベントを行いますので、お客様が参加できるために、必要な書類で封筒詰めをし、チームとして働いたり、IBM東京本社を観るのが楽しかったです。終わった後、担当者の短い会議をまた観察して、いるIBMスタッフと話しました。日本語の聞き取りはすごく難しかったですが、よく集中してみました。頑張っています!In the afternoon I got to go with my supervisor and some other company workers to IBM. I thought it was going to be some sort of conference, but actually we worked with some IBM workers and people from other companies to stuff envelopes with all the necessary documents so that clients could participate in an IT event. I enjoyed working as a team and seeing the nice IBM Tokyo headquarters. After we finished I got to observe another quick meeting and talk a bit with the IBM staff. I tried really hard to understand all the Japanese, but it is just very hard. I will keep trying! 

仕事の後、銀座をまた歩き回りました。最初の場所は日産ショールームで、お台場にある豊田ショーハウスと比べて小さいですが、夜には通るといつも綺麗のように見えますので、行ってみました。ショールームの上にはソニーショールームがあり、最先端のカメラとプレイステーションのバーチャルリアリティのゲームなどが売られ、とても高いです。After work I explored Ginza a bit more. The first place I went to was the Nissan Showroom. It is quite small compared to the Toyota Showhouse in Odaiba, but it always looks so pretty at night when I pass it that I thought I would give it a look. The floors above the showroom contain the Sony showroom with lots of cool cameras and virtual reality PlayStation games that are super expensive. 

I also walked to Ginza Five, which is very close to Imperial Hotel. It was very nostalgic going there because that place is my first memory of what a Japanese department store feels like. I found Sanrioworld and took a picture next to the sign like I did several years ago. This year’s picture looks very bad because my office pants are too big and don’t fit right…also I asked a nice old grandpa to take the photo for me and he didn’t know what he was doing. It was very cute as I tried to teach him how to take a photo with an iPhone.

2011 to 2016

The week is half over, wow!


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