Kawaii Monster Cafe

原宿のかわいいモンスターカフェというのはクレージーなかわいいモンスターテーマの雰囲気で知られている有名なカフェです。食べ物、芸能人、飾りからあらゆることまでがカラフルでクレージーな感じをしています。もちろんこのカフェは高すぎますが、せめて一回くらい行って良かったです。The Kawaii Monster Cafe in Harajuku is a famous cafe known for its crazy “cute monster” themed environment. Everything from the food, the entertainers walking around, and the decorations are super colorful and crazy. Although it was overpriced, I am glad that I came at least once to experience this madness.

The entrance fee is 500¥ and you can only stay for 90 minutes, so it is very similar to how many maid cafes work. If it is your first time, they give you a card with all the different seating areas that they stamp at the end of your visit so you get to sit in different places of you come multiple times. Right after you check in to the front, you are ushered in to the crazy cafe and are immediately overwhelmed with stimulation.

The center of the cafe is this giant merry-go-round thing that performers ride during the shows. The entertainers are dressed like crazy kawaii Harajuku girls and it is super interesting. You can take pictures of the cafe and with the performers, but you are not allowed to ride this contraption and take a photo unless you purchase this 500¥ lollipop. 

For food, I ordered the colorful pasta. I wanted the colorful pasta with the meat sauce and even pointed to the picture on the menu, but I guess she didn’t notice. All the items on the menu was extremely expensive, but I guess that’s what happens when you go to a crazy cafe like this. I think the food tastes sensible, but is obviously not the best in the world. I’m sure the desserts are even more delicious but they were even more expensive than the main dishes.

My favorite part of the cafe was obviously the crazy show that they perform every hour or so. It was truly a strange and cute Harajuku experience that people should come and see once if they are interested in different types of kawaii culture. Other than the price, the only other downside is the service. Once again I don’t think the servers pay too much attention because they assume you will just be too busy taking pictures, but it took us awhile to order, get the check, and then in the end she didn’t give us change…it was only 50¥ so we didn’t care too much but I found it strange that she didn’t notice (there is no tipping culture at a restaurant in Japan by the way).

この楽しかった原宿の経験を絶対に忘れません!A very fun day in Harajuku, one that I will never forget! 


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