Alice in Wonderland Cafe

東京内には不思議の国のアリスのカフェが多くあるかご存知ですか。各のカフェによって違うテーマに捧げられ、例えばファンタジーや魔法の国などを表しています。小学校の四年の頃学芸会で端役を演じることから、アリスのファンになり、また新宿に不思議の国のアリスに戻りに出かける夜遊びすることにしました。実は新宿だけには二つのカフェがあり、将来に他のところに行きたいと思っています。Did you know that there are several Alice in Wonderland cafes throughout Tokyo? Each one is dedicated to a different theme (i.e. fantasy land, magic). I’ve been a fan of Alice since 4th grade when I played a small part in the school play, so I decided to wander back into the mystical land of Alice for a night out in Shinjuku. There are actually two cafes in Shinjuku alone, so I will definitely be trying out the other one in the near future.

普通のテーマカフェと同じように500円の入場料、ワンオーダーとドリンクポリシーがあります。それに、「ティーパーティー」は最長で90分間です。単品はだいたい安くて、1500円以下なんですが、デザートとか飲み物は普通より高いです。もちろんこのようなカフェで食べたらそういう値段があるから、文句を言えません。Just like many themed cafes, there is a 500¥ entrance fee and a mandatory one order and one drink rule. You also have to limit your “tea party” to 90 minutes. The main food dishes are reasonably priced and are all under 1,500¥, but the desserts and drinks are pricier than normal. It is kind of expected going into a place like this, so I can’t complain.

そして、メニューはすごくきれいで、ストーリーブックのように見えます。一冊しかもらわなくて、ちょぅと大変ですが、メニューが5ドル以上かかるかもしれないからあまりなさそうです。The menu is also amazingly decked out and looks like a storybook. They only give you one menu per table so it is a bit troublesome trying to share, but then again this menu probably cost them at least $5 each.

普通のパスタだけ注文し、まあまあ美味しくなかったと思いますが、とても可愛いです。アクアマリンというノンアルコールカクテルも注文し、誕生石によって様々な飲み物があります。 I ordered just normal pasta and it wasn’t fantastic in my opinion, but that’s okay. I also got the Aquamarine non-alcoholic cocktail–they have a whole array of them based on the various birthstones.

When you want something you are supposed to call the waitresses wearing in the blue dress as “Alice.” It is kind of cute but also a little strange. They all speak with superficially high voices like in a maid cafe. I felt bad for our waitress because she was the only one working in the area we were sitting and it was super crowded; it looked like they were understaffed. They servers don’t constantly walk around and check if you need water or the bill so you have to keep yelling “Alice.” Seems like an interesting job with a cute costume at least. 

予約をしなかったから、座っているところを選ばなかったんです。部分それぞれによってテーマが全然違い、他の国の感じがしています。We didn’t have a reservation so we couldn’t choose where we could sit, but that’s okay. There are different areas of the restaurant that look completely different than each other, so it really feels like you are in another world.

It was a funny night in a funny restaurant tucked away in the busy city of Shinjuku! 


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