Visit to Avex

We went to the Avex Artist Academy in Harajuku as our first field trip for our economics class. I have heard of Avex for several years now as Ayumi Hamasaki is managed by them (my favorite JPop star), so it was super cool to visit the school in person. Interestingly, the Japanese entertainment industry believes that stars can be “created,” thus anyone can enter in the school to take lessons in music, acting, dance, etc. The success rate on the other hand…let’s just say that most who attend the academy will probably not be world famous pop stars like Ayumi Hamasaki, but it is still a good experience for young people who are interested in the entertainment industry.

After listening to a short presentation, we got to have our hand at experiencing what it is like singing in a recording studio. We split off into two groups and decided which songs we wanted to sing at the beginning of the semester; one group sang “Closer” by the Chainsmokers, the other “Make a Man Out of You” from Disney’s Mulan. I was luckily in the Mulan group as I don’t know that Chainsmokers song. 

It was fun being in a professional recording setting. I have only recorded singing professionally once when my sound engineer friend came to our dorm and set up his equipment. I am definitely not a professional singer and not a fan of my own voice, but I still enjoy singing by myself and going to karaoke. We will get the CD of our singing in a few weeks…I wonder what we will sound like.

It was a very short field trip, but a very unique one indeed. Next month we will visit SoftBank as a class, so that’s something else to look forward to!


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