Alice in Wonderland Cafe Part 2

I went to yet another Alice cafe, this time with different friends. The theme is “Alice in a Labrynth,” and it is located in Ginza, actually only a few blocks from my field placement. さらにもう一つのアリスカフェに行って、今回は違う友達と一緒に食べに行きました。そのテーマは「迷宮の国のアリス」、実は銀座の社会体験の会社員から数ブロック離れたところにあります。

食事の前半の間にレストランにはだれにもいなかったから、ウエイトレスが気配りのよくて、リラックスな感じがしました。前に行ったアリスのカフェと同じように、600円の入場料があり、最長で2時間を限定されています。さらに飲み物、単品の注文が必要です。前より支払うほどが高かったのに、今回の雰囲気がリラックスだったし、サービスも良かったと思います。それに、小さいディナー・ベルをもらって、ウエイトレスに呼んだらそれを使います。We were the only ones in the restaurant during the first part of the meal, so the waiters were very attentive and the mood was cool and spooky. Just like the other cafe, there is an entrance fee (this time 600¥), and a limit of two hours for your “tea party.” You also have to order at least one drink and one food item. Although I spent a bit more money this time, the mood was way better and the service was actually good. They give you a table bell that you ring whenever you want something.

We decided to do the “all you can drink” for two hours for 1,500¥, but you also have to order at least one food item and dessert per person. That was good so we wouldn’t get sick from just drinking on an empty stomach. I ordered only fruity drinks with low alcohol percentage to avoid getting sick, so I was fine and happy. The food was super filling so I had a great meal. 

Pasta with a salmon rose in the middle

Cheshire Cat berry parfait 

So far between the two Alice cafes, I would recommend this one over the magic one in Shinjuku. There are still three more in Tokyo that I have yet to try, so maybe if I am in town and have a little extra money I will venture to the other ones to see how it is. I am so impressed that although each one is centered on Alice, they all have such a unique feel. If there are any other awesome cafes in the Tokyo area, please leave a comment below! 

They even drew a Cheshire Cat on our bill!


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