Roppongi Art Night

Thursday after class I went to go have dinner with some of the people from my old internship. It was such a blessing being able to see them, and this time converse with a bit more Japanese skill and confidence. We ate Chinese food and afterwards when to a karaoke box. We went to this place before, and it is super cool because it is very private; you can only go if you are invited by the owner. Everyone sits in a small room surrounding a bar and there are two TVs connected to a karaoke machine. The “mamma” in the middle talks with the party as well as serves drinks and food. I felt so invigorated and blessed after seeing all the lovely people again. I really enjoy spending time with people whom inspire me and lift me up during my time here. 

On Friday night I went to Roppongi Night with some friends. I wasn’t going to go but I am so happy I went, as I have really been into Japanese art lately. Plus, this event was free and in a super cool area of Roppongi. I really want to go back to that district in the near future.

We saw a lot of cool art pieces and art performances. Instead of just having traditional sculptures and paintings, this event encompassed a variety of things spread out around Roppongi, including some extremely strange works. My goal this semester was to find some really weird art in Japan, and I definitely accomplished that there.

One cool live performance we saw as a fashion show. It was not a traditional one where the models walk down a runway, but rather they gathered in the middle of the square and kept walking around and changing their clothes by swapping with the other models. I don’t have any good photos or videos but I really like how eccentric it was!

There was also this cool color changing curtain exhibit outside where you could wander through a “maze.” The curtains were automated and moved creating different rooms. I have really been into cool light things recently.

My favorite exhibit was super weird and creepy; it was called Pigpen. It is made by a Japanese artist called Saeborg who specializes in latex suits. He has this fascination with creepy pigs and other farm animals. Some of his art is NSFW, but this one was alright…just super weird. If you want to see the live action of this art, go on YouTube. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 

Unfortunately I didn’t get to see all the cool art/performances, but I had a great time anyway. I hope there are more types of events like these in the near future.


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