I Was a Princess in a Former Life

My grandma’s tour came into Tokyo so that meant that I had the privilege of staying with her again in the Imperial Hotel. This hotel is the oldest in Tokyo and is the standard for hotel service; as one of my great-aunts said, “There is too much service here.” They were also the first hotel in Japan to offer a buffet restaurant and conceirge service. It was renovated and even funded by the Imperial Palace, so you know this place has a lot of old charm to it. 

As soon as our group arrives we are welcomed by a team of people who gladly take our bags that we are carrying. Because my grandma has been coming here for so many years, she has so many friends and people that know her name and face. This place is like her second home, and I am honored to spend time with her even though she’s so busy working hard all the time. It takes forever for us to get into our room because she is greeted by so many hotel workers, managers of different departments, etc., but it is really something to watch how far she has become to be respected in this business as a woman. When we finally went up into our room our friends that came early for dinner along with two bell boys that patiently carried all our stuff all went up with us and we were such a large group! You don’t even press the button for the elevator here but instead have someone holding it for you.

It was so nice having dinner with my grandma’s old friends that are like daughters to her. I also invited someone I met at church and introduced her to them. We enjoyed reminiscing on old memories and I loved hearing about how my grandma has met so many people throughout the years. I believe my grandma has a gift of bringing people together and creating lasting friendships. I learned that a name can be very powerful, and in this case if you mention the name “Peggy” at Imperial, people will know who she is and give you the best service. All her hard work has paid off and I am truly humbled and blessed to have her as my grandma! 

I realize I am quite spoiled with all my travel experiences, especially the Japan trips, so my great-aunt said that if there was such a thing as a former life that I must have been a princess because I have a taste for fine hospitality service. I of course have experienced all sorts of Japan adventures, from the very cheap ones to the most luxurious, and I can say you do not have to get five star treatment to have a wonderful time. However, because I have experienced such spoiled treatment I have become very interested in the customer service/hospitality industry, so we will see if I am meant to work in that sort of business someday. I hope to keep growing in my talents so that I may humbly serve others as I have been so blessed in just my short twenty years of life.

November 1


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