去年行った温泉に学校のお友達とある金曜日の夜にまた行きました。朝数時間以外に一日中開いているので、追加料金を払わないで一泊できます。残念ながら、一泊しなかったけれども、今学期が終わる前に泊まる予定です。Went back to the same onsen that I visited last year with some school friends on a Friday night. They are open pretty much all day except for a few hours in the morning, so you can stay overnight if you wish for no extra charge. Unfortunately we didn’t stay over night, but I think I might someday before the semester is over to relax myself.

カウンターでチェックインしたら、働いている女の子は私の友達の先輩なので、タオルレンタルを無料にしていただきました。入場料と浴衣は平日に1,200円で、タオルレンタルの追加料金は200円となり、すごく安いと思います。When we went to the counter to check in we were surprised that the girl working there was my friend’s upperclassmen, so she gave us a free towel rental. The entrance fee that gives you the clothes you wear around the place is 1,200¥ on weekdays, and the towel rental is another 200¥. Super reasonable considering how great the place is.

浴衣に着替えた後、美味しい夕食を食べました。持ち物をロッカーに入れて、何かを買ったらその鍵で払います。早く食べてから、すぐ温泉に入りました!We had a delicious dinner at the place after changing into the clothes. You put your stuff in a locker and use the key to pay when you buy things. After a quick meal, we went to the baths!

室内と戸外の温泉もあり、自然から健康にいい様々なもので構成されるそうです。それに、休んで汗が出させる暑い部屋もあります。好きな部屋は大きな石のようなものの上に休めるものです。ちょっと暑すぎるので、短い間だけいます。There are inside and outside baths. They are each made up of differing things and are supposedly good for various health problems. There are also super hot rooms where you can lay down and sweat. My favorite is the room where you lay on these giant rocks and sweat. The rooms are a little bit too hot, so I just stay in them for a short time.

この温泉の好きな部分は、リクライングチェアでブランケットとテレビを見たり寝たりできることです。暑いお風呂の後リラックスするのが大好きです。そして、本棚で漫画や雑誌が多くあって、座っているままでゆっくりと読めます。My favorite place about the onsen is the fact that they have recliners with blankets and TVs that you can sleep on. I love relaxing after a hot bath. You can also read manga or magazines as they have many bookshelves filled with them. A very well-rounded place indeed.

A very good way to end a Friday night.


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