Being a Cat Lady in Japan 

8年生の時 (中学生)、先生が生徒たちに学年末の可笑しい賞を贈り、私の賞は「ネコが好きなおばあさん」ということでした。今思えば、少しかわいそうです。子供の頃は、猫にあまりはまっていなかったです。実は小学生の時に多くの友達が犬を飼っていたので、犬がほしかったけれど、猫がずっと好きでした。最終的に8年生になったら、その頃に友達があまりいないので、両親がペットを飼わせ、それもかわいそうだと思います。In 8th grade our teacher gave us funny awards at the end of the year, and I got the “Cat Lady Award.” Looking back, that actually sounds quite pitiful. Growing up I can’t say I was always obsessed with cats. In fact, I kind of wanted a dog when I was in elementary school because a lot of my friends had dogs, but I was always fond of cats nonetheless. Eventually in 8th grade my parents let me get a cat because they though I “needed companionship,” which also sounds quite pitiful.

その頃から猫がだんだん好きになってきました。遠くから猫によく気が付き、野良猫を触る機会を絶対に逃しません。現在、何月間ぐらいカリフォルニアの家に寄るオレンジの猫がいます。父親はその猫によく注目し、今でも両親に飼うことを思い込ませます。いつかお金持ちになって飼えるといいんです。Anyways, since then I think I’ve become increasingly interested in cats. I’m very good at spotting them from afar and I don’t miss any opportunity to pet a stray cat. There’s this orange cat that has been coming by my home in California for months now. I’m happy my dad is giving it attention, and I’m still trying to convince my parents to adopt him. I hope someday we can become rich so that we can adopt the cat.

日本ではもちろん猫を飼えませんが、どこでも見つます。友達と一緒に近くのゴルフセンターで猫が何匹も見つけました。お母さんの猫は6匹出産し、猫ちゃんたちがだんだん大きくなることを見るのが素晴らしいものです。学校帰りに寄りますが、多くの猫ちゃんは怖がっています。友達は餌をよくあげるけれど、私は最近までやります。好きな猫は触らせるお父さんのチビちゃんです。In Japan, I obviously can’t own a cat, but that doesn’t stop me from finding them. My friend and I found a bunch of cats at the local golf center. A mom and a dad gave birth to several kittens and it is so fun watching them grow up. I try to drop by every day to pet them, but a lot of them are too scared. My friend usually gives them treats and food, but I just recently started giving them some. My favorite cat is the dad named Chibi-Chan because he actually somewhat lets me pet him. 

それに、私たちの窓の外に来る猫が来て、餌を投げましたが、1週間の旅行の後訪問をやめました。残念ながらその猫はすごく怖がって、触らせなかったんです。There was also a cat that used to come outside our window and we would throw treats at it, but it stopped coming after we were gone for a week on vacation. It was super scared and it would never let it touch us.

日本では猫たちを見るのが非常に楽しいです。猫を見つけて記録する本を買って、アメリカに帰国してから入力することを楽しみにしています。Cat spotting is amazing in Japan and I can’t wait to record all the cats I have found this trip in the book I bought. The book gives you a place to put the picture of the cat and write a little summary of how your encounter was. It was totally with buying.

This blog post is starting to sound depressing so I will end it right here. Thanks for reading this sad post. 


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