A Night in Roppongi

六本木に森アーツギャラリーの大望のマリー・アントワネットの展示会を見に行きました。かぐや姫の展示会も行きたかったけれど、時間がなくなったので、他の日にまた行く予定です。学割で入場料は1200円しかなくて、価値があると思います。小学校の5年生の時にベルサイユに行く以来、マリー・アントワネットの歴史にずっと興味を持っており、彼女は読んでもよい歴史的人物のうちの一つです。I went to Roppongi to see the long-awaited Marie Antoinette art gallery in the Mori Arts Center Gallery. I also wanted to see the Kaguya Hime exhibition, but I ran out of time so I will see it another day. The exhibit was only 1,200¥ with a student discount so it was so worth it. I absolutely love the history of Marie Antoinette ever since visiting Versailles in 5th grade. She is one of the few topics I don’t mind reading books about.

この展示会はかなり時間がかかり、日曜日に行ったので少し混んでいました。多くの芸術作品は複製品でも、歴史について読むことを楽しみました。しかし、一つのルネサンス代のように飾られた部屋以外に、展示会内では写真を撮ってはいけないと残念に思いました。私の好きな部分は、ベルサイユ宮殿にいるように感じがする映写室でした。フランス文化やマリー・アントワネットに興味があったら、ぜひ来た方がいいと思います。The exhibit is pretty long and it was kind of crowded since I went on a Sunday night. Although all the things are probably replicas, I really enjoyed reading about the history. You unfortunately can’t take pictures except in this one room that they decorated to look like her living space. My favorite part of the exhibit was going into a projection room that made it look like we were in the palace ourselves. If you are interested in French culture or Marie Antoinette, definitely take the time to go!

Afterwards I explored Midtown to look at the beautiful Christmas lights. There’s a place with a bunch of lights and a short illumination show. It was so relaxing and it made me reflect on the real reason as to why we have lights during the Christmas season. Although the lights look pretty, the ultimate origin of lights at Christmas time is to symbolize the star that the Wisemen saw in the sky on the night of Jesus’s birth. It can be very hard as a Christian to remember the real reason why we celebrate when there is so much consumerism around us.

ミッドタウンを通りながら、Meet Colors Taiwanという文化的統一を広めるために、台湾の文化や食べ物を触れる活動を見つけました。可愛い写真ポイントがたくさんあって、楽しかったです。I also discovered an interesting event passing through called Meet Colors Taiwan. There they share some Taiwanese foods and culture in hopes of spreading cultural unity. They had awesome photo spots where I could take hilarious photos.

It was a great night to relax and finally be out in freedom from my work. This week will also be filled with more adventure as we get to go to Nikko. I have a lot to live for. 


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