Moshi Moshi Nippon Festival 2016

The Moshi Moshi Nippon Festival is an annual festival showcasing “Cool Japan,” or Japanese pop culture via fashion, reinvented traditional arts, technology, and music. The event is free for foreigners but costs about 3,000¥ for Japanese, so there are perks for being a foreigner in Japan. My pop culture teacher encouraged us to go, but I would have totally gone even if I didn’t take that class.

The event took place for two days at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium near Roppongi. There were a lot of booths giving away free things so I really enjoyed it despite the overt consumerism and advertising. I got to meet interesting people and take cool photos while attempting to practice Japanese, so I had a good time.

At this booth you were introduced to various Japanese beauty products. I filled out a survey and got a package of samples. I think this was probably my favorite booth.

This backpack is called a randoseru, and it is a popular style for young Japanese school kids. I chose to model the blue one because that’s my favorite color.

I took a picture with a vey beautifully dressed couple showcasing traditional Japanese wedding attire. It turns out that the female model was Miss Japan in 2013. So cool! 

Saw this cute monkey character. It is so round and fat that I want to squeeze it.

There was a booth where you could try on a courtesan robe. I really like traditional Japanese kimono so it was fun dressing up. I want to do an oiran photo shoot someday.

These people really wanted me to take a picture here. He felt bad that I was all alone so he nicely took the picture with me. Once you upload the photo to social media, they give you a print out of your picture.

Overall I had a good time at this event and since it was free, it made it even better! 


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