Design Festa and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Concert 

先週もしもしにっぽんに加えて、デザインフェスタというアーティストが巨大な会議場で集合して、作られたアートを展示するイベントにも行きました。そこで数千のブースから手工芸品が購入できます。この留学プログラムの中でそれは一番楽しかったイベントだったと思って、来年また行けなくて、残念です。Last weekend in addition to going to Moshi Moshi Nippon, I also went to Design Festa, an event where artists gather in a huge convention and showcase their art. There are thousands of booths were you can purchase unique handicrafts. This was probably the most fun event that I have attended this study abroad program, and I’m so sad that I won’t be able to come next year.

デザインフェスタはとてもクレージーな感じがし、結局は多くの真面目の美術に過剰に刺激されたと思います。買いたいものがたくさんあり、この次にもっと現金を持てばいいでしょう。また行ったら、アーティストたちをサポートするために、お金を貯めようと思います。The event was so overwhelming and crazy–I was probably overstimulated by all the intense art by the end of the day. I should have brought way more cash as there was just so many things that I wanted to purchase. If I ever come next time I will definitely save up cash to blow so I can support the local artists. So many artists made things that catered to my personal style of cute and weird things.

変なものと言えば、デザインフェスタで可笑しいものをよく見て、楽しかったです。このイベントは、日本人が普通の生活を逃避して本音を表すことによいと思います。もしかしたら変だっても面白いです!Speaking of weird things, I saw some pretty strange things here and I loved it. I think Design Festa is a great place for Japanese people to escape the everyday rigors of life and express their inner desires. Maybe their inner desires are a bit strange to most, but that’s why it is so interesting!

夜はもしもしにっぽんにきゃりーぱみゅぱみゅを見に戻りました。ライブで見て本当によかったですよね。ぽんぽんぽんというビデオがデビューした時に初めて見たのは今でも思い出して、いつかライブで見に行く機会があることを信じられなかったんです。コンサートは短くて楽しかったですが、撮影を撮ってはいけなかったです。At night I went back to Moshi Moshi Nippon to see Kyary Pamyu Pamyu perform as she was the featured soloist. It was so awesome to see her live! I remember watching her PonPonPon music video right when it became viral; I would have never imaged that I would see her in person someday. The concert was short but sweet, although I wish they would have let us take photos/video (I did so accidentally anyways, oops!).

I love Japanese pop culture!


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