Shiodome Illumination

東京の中で一つの有名なクリスマスのイルミネーションはカレッタ汐留です。最寄りの駅は汐留ですが、新橋か銀座駅から歩きやすいです。イルミネーションショーは午後5時ぐらいから始まって、30分おき行われ、ショーを見なくても写真を撮ることができます。One of the most famous illumination shows in Tokyo is the Caretta Shiodome one. The closest station is Shiodome, but you can easily walk from Shimbashi or Ginza. I think the shows start around 5PM and play every half hour or so, but even if you don’t catch a show you can take pictures of the beautiful lights.

When the show does start, it actually is several minutes long and feels like you are in Disneyland. The music starts off super happy like a fairy tale, then begins to get more dramatic kind of like the part of a movie when the villain strikes. I wonder how much this whole production costs.

地元で働いているサラリーマンでも何人も見に止まって、写真を撮りました。汐留の方に行ったら、ぜひカレッタイルミネーションをご覧ください!Even several business men who work in the area stopped to watch and take pictures of the illumination. If you are in the area, you should definitely check this one out!


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