End of the Year Party

It is common in Japanese culture to have an end of the year party. The kanji literally means “event to forget the year.” Basically the idea is that you are supposed to forget the bad memories of the year. I was blessed to be invited to my old internship company’s end of the year party in Shimbashi. 一般的にほとんどの会社は忘年会を開きます。漢字の文字通りの意味は「昨年を忘れるパーティー」です。前のインターンシップの忘年会に参加していただき、感謝しています。

We had a lovely dinner and I was able to practice my Japanese skills. Everyone commented that I got a lot better, and although it doesn’t feel like it on a day-to-day basis, I really have improved since the beginning of my internship in June. My motivation for getting better is so that I can get to know my friends better and form a deeper bond with them. いつものように美味しい食べ物を食べ、日本語を話す練習をしました。みんなが私は日本語が上手だと言われ、日常的にそういう感じを持っていなくても、6月にインターンシップが始まった以来、上達になったと思います。

After dinner we went to karaoke again at the karaoke box. It was fun hearing people that I haven’t heard sing yet sing. Everyone has a lovely voice! Some other Japanese people at the karaoke place commented on how good the other American and I were at singing Japanese songs. They just don’t know that I practice quite a bit in my room alone as a stress reliever. 夕食の後、またカラオケボックスで歌いました。オフィス内にはカラオケで歌ったことがない人を初めて聞き、みんなの声がすごくきれいですよ。他の二人の男の人が私と一人のアメリカ人は日本語のカラオケが上手いと言われましたが、部屋で一人でよく練習するか知らないかもしれません。

I am so thankful for my internship family that takes such good care of me. I’m hoping to see them again next summer. Until then, I will keep in touch with some of them on Facebook! Thank you for always loving me and motivating me to improve. インターンシップの人たちが大変お世話になり、感謝しています。来年の夏にはまた会いたいと思い、その日までFBで連絡を保ちます。いつも意欲を起こさせて、ありがとうございました!

(No pictures so here is a picture of GiGi, since this is GiGi the Neko)


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