Osaka ✈️ Fukuoka 🚄 Nagasaki

早朝に一人でお友達に会う福岡に飛行で行きました。大阪から電車で時間たくさんかかるので、ちなみにかなり長い間に独りでいましたが、博多駅でリラックスできて、よかったと思います。自分でいろいろ歩いて、福岡を訪問すればよかったですが、朝は非常に混んでいて、全部のコインロッカーがいっぱかったので、荷物を入れるために空いているところを見つけるのは少なくとも2時間かかって、大変でした。Early in the morning I flew by myself to Fukuoka where I would meet them in the afternoon. I was by myself for quite awhile as it takes a long time from Osaka to Fukuoka by train, but I got to relax in the Hakata Station. I should have walked around and explored Fukuoka by myself, but it took me at least two hours before I could finally find a coin locker to put my luggage in. The station is super busy in the mornings.

博多駅には様々な店があり、右側に東京駅と同じキッテというデパートなども含みます。あまりにも疲れて、何もしたくなくて、主に外で座って人々を観察しました。There are a lot of stores in the station, and there’s even a KITTE department store just like the one in Tokyo on the right side of the station. I was just too lazy and tired to do much, so I mostly just sat outside and people watched. 

お友達がやっと到着した時、指導者が好きな回転寿しを食べました。民泊に一泊泊まる長崎に電車に乗って、一緒に福岡を全然見なかったと残念に思います。When they finally did come, we ate at a conveyer belt sushi, which my roommate’s mentor really really enjoyed. We unfortunately did not explore Fukuoka and instead took the train to Nagasaki, where we stayed two nights in a hostel.

民泊が予約された時に彼女が一つの階以外に男女混合か知らなかったそうで、男女混合の部屋を予約してしまいました。幸いにルームメートが全員優しかったけれど、初めて部屋に入ったら男の人を見た時ビックリしました。その民泊はとてもきれいでしたが、ベットが少し固すぎると思います。でも、暖かくて、よく寝られて嬉しかったです。Apparently when it was booked she didn’t realize that the hostel is mixed gender except on a special floor, so she accidentally booked a mixed gender room. Luckily all our roommates were really nice, but we were shocked to see males in our room. The hostel was super cute and cozy, although I thought the beds were very hard to sleep on. At least it was nice and warm; great for a good sleep! 


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