Oita ✈️ Tokyo

早朝に起きて、大分空港から成田空港までジェットスターというLCCで戻りました。成田は泊まる東京の中心から遠くて、電車で2時間かかって大変でした。改めて、お友達がJRパスで九州から東京まで電車に乗ったため、独りで旅行しました。I woke up early in the morning to fly from Oita Airport back to Narita. I took an LCC (low cost carrier) called JetStar that has very reasonable flight fares. Narita is quite far from central Tokyo where we were staying, so it took about two hours by train to get to the AirBNB we were staying at. Once again, I did this journey alone because my friends used their JR Pass and took the Shinkansen from Kyushu to Tokyo. 

今回は日本でAirBNBを2回目使い、1回目どおりに素晴らしい経験でした。アパートは三つのフワフワベッド、キッチン、ポケットwifiがあってすごく綺麗で、よかったです!The AirBNB we stayed at can be found here. This is my second time staying in an AirBNB in Japan (my first experience can be read about here) and just like the first time, I had a great experience. The place had three very comfortable beds, full operating kitchen, pocket wifi, and was super clean. 

でも、日本でAirBNBを使ったら、一つの注意があります。多くのリスティングは2人、3人、4人はOKと書いてありますが、実際的にはそうではありません。もしそんなに大きいグループで泊まったら、小さいずきて困ると思います。小さい人にしては一応大丈夫ですが、一般的なアメリカ人だったら無理です。予約する前に写真をちゃんと見て、ホストを連絡して確認したよいです。One thing to look out for in Japanese AirBNBs is that a lot of times they will say the place is suitable for 2, 3, or even 4 people, but in reality it is not. If you stay with that many people, you will be super squished. Maybe for smaller people it will be okay, but a lot of Americans will find the rooms too cramped. It is important to look at the pictures and ask questions if you are unsure.

落ち着いてから、お友達から意外な電話がきました。新潟には大火事が起こったそうで、全部の新幹線が運休し、九州を出られなくて、近くのホテルに泊まってしまいました。少し驚きましたけれど、みんな安全だし、次の朝に朝寝坊できたし、感謝しました。After getting settled into the AirBNB, I got an unexpected call from my friends. Apparently there was a fire in Niigata which stopped all the shinkansens, so they were stuck in Kyushu. They ended up having to stay the night at a nearby hotel while I spent the night alone in the Tokyo AirBNB. It was unexpected but we were all safe and I was able to go to sleep early and sleep in, so I was thankful for the extra rest. It seems that unexpected adventure was at every turn on this trip! 


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