Tokyo 🚠 Hakone

2時間かかる電車で新宿まで行き、小田急カウンターで箱根パスを購入してから、昼間に箱根でお友達にやっと会いました。パスは5400円で、2日間で多くの交通機関は無料の上に、旅行者向けの場所の割引も含まれています。最も重要なことには、普通の電車で新宿から箱根までの一つの往復ができます。3日間のパスもあり、もう少しお金がかかりますが、全ての値段を考慮すると価値があると思います。After purchasing my Hakone Pass from the Shinjuku Odakyu Railway and taking the 2 hour train there, I met my friends in Hakone in the afternoon. The pass is about 5,400Â¥ and lets you go on much of Hakone’s transportation for free, as well as gives you discounts at a lot of tourist places for free for two day. Most importantly, it includes one round-trip from Shinjuku to Hakone on regular trains. There is also a pass for three days for a bit more money. Considering all those costs, the pass itself was very much worth it. 

前に箱根に行ったことがありますが、このたびのことを見たことがなかったので、その新しい経験でよかったです。あっちこっち行って、少し早すぎたと思いますが、いろいろな場所を訪問できました。さらに、すごく寒くて、大変になりました。I had been to Hakone before, but had never saw the stuff we saw so it was good to try something new. It felt a little rushed as we only had the afternoon to see a lot of things, but that’s okay. It was also super super cold so that was another struggle.

最初に富士山を見るためにケーブルカーに乗って、次にロープウェイで登りました。残念ながら、雲にきちんと隠れていたので、富士山を全然見なかったのです。ロープウェイを降りたら、様々なレストラン、お店、ツーリストのビルが多くあります。風が強かったのに、すぐ中に入って昼食を食べました。人気がある名物は黒たまごです!We first took the cable car and then the ropeway to try to see Mt. Fuji. Unfortunately, a “very strategic cloud” was blocking so we didn’t get to see it. At the top of the ropeway, there are a bunch of restaurants, shops, and tourist buildings. It was very windy but we managed to stay inside and eat some lunch. The big item was the black egg. Now that I think about it, although we bought some, I don’t remember actually trying it…

そして船で湖を渡って、最後に東京に帰るために駅までバスに乗りました。船はきれいだったのに、寒すぎて外で周りを見るのは無理でした。よい写真を撮ったとたん、中に入りました。Then we took a nice boat ride and eventually a bus back to the station to go back to Tokyo. The boat was super pretty but it was just too cold to stand outside and look at the beautiful lake. We were able to take some pictures but I couldn’t wait to just get inside.

いつか箱根に行ったら、温泉と他の観光名所に行きたいと思います。それに、今回はちょっと込んでいたのだ、次回はあまり人気ではない所に行けばいいです。箱根でもっと時間を過ごせばよかったと思いますが、ベストフレンドと一緒にいて嬉しかったです。I think I would like to check out the hot springs and other sightseeing spots if I come back someday. It was a little bit too crowded where we went so maybe I would like to try the less touristy things. I didn’t get to see too much between all the hustle and bustle of finding the next transportation, but I’m glad I was with my best friend. 


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