Hokkaido Day 3: Furano 

Day three of our tour takes us to the town of Furano, famous for their lavender production. The drive is about three hours from Sapporo so we all had a nice rest on the bus. Something happened with the buses and we ended up switching buses but got an even better one with luxurious seats! My grandma would be happy. 3日目は、ラベンダー畑で有名である富良野という町を訪問し、札幌から3時間ぐらいかかるので、バスでよくリラックスできてよかったです。何か問題があって、前より立派なバスに変え、おばあさんは嬉しいかもしれないでしょうね。

En route to the flowers we briefly stopped at a cheese factory. There were some samples and I’m not going to lie, I had many samples. My favorite sample was a wine cheese. I just really love cheese. 花畑へ行く道中で富良野チーズ工房に寄り、様々なサンプルがあってたくさん試食してしまいました。一番好きなのはワインチーズでした。

Before going to see the flowers we went to a local supermarket store. As soon as I stepped in I smelled the scent of fresh, natural ingredients. Everything looked so good and healthy. I guess there are perks to living in a place surrounded by nature instead of the busy city. 次に、地元のスーパーに行って、入った途端に新鮮な材料の香りがし、果物、野菜など全部健康的なんてすごいなと思いました。やっぱり田舎に住むのはいいことがありますね。

For lunch we ate at Farm Tomita, the big famous farm with the lavender fields. Unfortunately because it is still May, the fields aren’t blooming but there are still other flowers. For lunch I had asparagus curry and lavender calpico–very delicious! And of course for dessert, I had the lavender soft serve. This time I got a mix of lavender and vanilla because lavender by itself tastes too much like a flower. 美しいラベンダー畑のファーム冨田で昼食を食べ、まだ5月なのでラベンダーが咲いていないんですけど、他の花畑があって楽しかったです。食事はアスパラガスカレーとラベンダーカルピスで、デザートはラベンダーソフトになりました。今回のアイスはラベンダーバニラミックスなので、花っぽいの味があまりにもないです。

                           2010                           2004

That was all for the tour today, as we drove another couple hours to our traditional Japanese style hotel. I have my own tradition room with the tatami mat. Last time I stayed I was in a modern Western style room, and the first time I came I was in a mixed Japanese and Western room. I’ve now stayed in all the styles! それで、そこまでツアーが終わり、それから旅館に移動しました。今夜和風の一人部屋に泊まりました。前回このホテルに泊まった時に洋風の部屋があって、初回の時に和風・洋風ミックスだったので、全部経験しました!

Dinner at the hotel was so good because it was a buffet. My favorite part was that they had sukiyaki dishes that you can cook at your table. Unfortunately, the dinner was way too crowded because there were a lot of Chinese tourists. I think some people were cutting in line and bumping people, so the other clients got a little frustrated. I know a lot of Chinese tourists get a bad reputation in Japan and I sort of feel bad about it because I’m hoping that Japanese and Chinese will be able to get along more in the future. There are a lot of biases Chinese and Japanese have of each other, ones that I have too, because the cultures are very different. Hopefully we can change the world to where we are more understanding of each other. 美味しいバイキングを食べました。普通のバイキングですが、自分で作れるすき焼きもあって嬉しかったです!でも、多くの中国人の旅行者のくせにレストランは混んでいました。列に割り込んだり、ぶつかったりする人がいるので、みんな少し怒ってしまいました。日本には中国人が悪評を買うなんて悲しいと思って、いつか中国人と日本人が仲良く暮らせるようになりたいと思っています。文化が非常に違って、お互いに対する偏見を持っていますが (私もそうだ)、将来に理解し合う世界を作ろうと思っています。

After dinner I went to the onsen with some of the other clients. It was super relaxing. I plan on going again in the morning if I can wake up. I also discovered a game center with lots of UFO catchers and even a purikura machine! I took a picture by myself because I wanted to show my yukata. 食事後、お客様と一緒に温泉に入り、よくリラックスしました。明日早めに起きたらまた入ろうと思います。それに、ホテルの一階でゲームセンターを見つけました!浴衣を着て、一人でプリクラを撮ってしまいました。 

The hotel also has a very nice gift shop. I ended up buying $30 worth of rare Hokkaido skin masks. I will have enough to last forever! ギフトショップもあり、3000円のパックを購入して、いつまでも続くほど持っていますね!


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