Hokkaido Day 6: Kushiro

We spent all day in Kushiro today and only had a morning tour. Kushiro is a port city with lots of nature; today we experienced the marshlands from an observatory. It was very cold and I forgot to bring my jacket, but I still enjoyed the scenery. Apparently if you walk around the marshes completely it will take one hour. 今日一日中釧路にいて、モーニングツアーのみがありました。この町は自然で取り囲まれる港市なので、展望台から湿地を見渡しました。非常に寒くてジャッケットを忘れてしまいましたが、楽しかったです。湿地帯を全て散歩したら1時間かかりそうです。

My favorite Japanese movie, “We Were There,” was filmed in Kushiro. I haven’t watched the anime version and have only seen the live action movie, but it is crazy to think that I walked in the same places that they filmed!!!

Kushiro also has this awesome museum about nature and Ainu history. I had a lot of fun looking at the cute taxidermy animals. その上、自然やアイヌの歴史についての釧路市立博物館もあり、そこで動物の剥製術を見るのが面白かったです。

Lunch was at the fisherman’s warf called Moo. I remember really liking this place as a kid. It is geared towards foreigners and has a lot of local food products and souvenirs. I guess if you don’t like touristy places you won’t like it that much, but I think it is cool to see the local Kushiro products. There isn’t a central food court and a lot of the restaurants were closed because it was Sunday, but we managed to find a small restaurant. I just ate typical ramen because my throat has been hurting. MOOという漁師の埠頭で昼食を食べ、子どもの頃はなんとなくそこが好きだと覚えました。名物やお土産を販売していて外国人向けなんですが、楽しいと思います。フードコートがないし、土曜日なのて多くのレストランが閉まっていたけれど、一階にある小さいレストランを見つけて、のどが痛くてラーメンを食べることにしました。

The afternoon was free and I think everyone on the tour just relaxed. I took a hot bath and a short nap because my sore throat got a lot worse. I sat next to a woman who was coughing so much on the plane to Japan so I think maybe I caught a cold from her. At least I don’t have a fever or cough, but I hope I don’t have some viral infection. Let’s hope I get better soon!  午後には予定がなくて、お客様がみんなホテルでリラックするそうでした。のどが少し悪くなってきて、お風呂に入って短い昼寝をしました。来日飛行機で咳が出ている女の人と隣に座っていて、多分彼女が原因で風邪をひいたと思います。熱も咳もなくてよかったですが、ウイルス感染がないように。


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