Hokkaido Day 7: Obihiro 

Obihiro is another big city in Hokkaido. On the way to Obihiro, we visited the city of Ikeda that is known for its wine. There is a nice museum called Wine Castle because it resembles a big castle. Here you can see how the wine is produced and even taste some wine, although you have to pay some money. There is some free wine of the day sample that I tried and I actually liked it! I don’t like wine but this wine was sweet. So far on this trip we got to see a beer brewery, whiskey distillery, and now a wine vineyard; this tour is full of alcohol and good eating! 北海道の中で、帯広は第五の大きい都市です。道中でワインで知られている池田という町を訪問し、城のように見える池田ワイン城の博物館を見学しました。ここでどうやって生産するかを学んだり、料金で試飲できたりしますが、本日のスペシャルを無料で試飲できます。普通にワインが嫌いなんですが、スペシャルのは甘くて美味しかったです。今までビールの醸造所、ウィスキーの蒸留酒製造所、ワインのぶどう園を訪問し、このツアーにはアルコールや食べ物がいっぱいあるんですね!

They serve delicious steak with an amazing red wine sauce. I need to learn to make this. 

Next we visited a beet factory to learn how they produced sugar from it. The museum is very beautiful and has stain glass windows. There was only one man running the entire museum by himself, but he still gave us a great tour of the place. He was super energetic and into the material that the guide had to get him to pause so he could translate what he said to us in English. He was also very into hand motions and it was really funny that my friend and I could not stop laughing. 次にビートから砂糖が生産されることを学ぶために、ビート資料館に行きました。美しくて、ステンドグラスの窓もあります。男の人が一人で運営していて、ちょっと大変だなと思いますが、いろいろ案内してくれ、すごく活発すぎてガイドさんが言ったことを簡単に通訳するために彼に止めさせました。また、説明しながら手をよく動いたからたくさん笑ってしまいました。

Afterwards we went to a confectionary shop. Here you can eat some sweets and also see how they produce some of the cake they sell. その後和菓子屋に行き、ここではお菓子を食べたり、ケーキの作り方を見学したりすることができます。

The outdoors of the shop was so pretty!

We got to the hotel early for some free time, so my friend and I headed to the nearby department store, Nagasakiya. I remember going there when I was little to play some games. I bought more cosmetics and would have bought even more except that I don’t want to carry it all home. I will probably buy a ton when I come back in three weeks for my internship. 早めにホテルに戻って、フリータイムがあったので近くにある長崎屋というデパートに行きました。子供の時そこでゲームを遊ぶことをよく覚えています。また化粧商品を買って、もしアメリカに持って行くのは大変じゃなければもっと買おうと思いました。3週間で日本に戻った時新しい化粧商品を買うのを楽しみにしています!

I was pleasantly surprised that the general manager of the hotel gave me a cute stuffed pig as a present. My grandma always gets it when she comes and this time I received one in her absense. Although our time in Obihiro was short, it was quite pleasant and I’m sad that our trip is almost over. ホテルの総支配人からプレゼントとしてブタのぬいぐるみをいただいて、びっくりしました!祖母がいつも泊まった時ぬいぐるみをもらって、いなかったので代わりに私がもらいました。帯広は短い間でしたが、なかなか愉快で、もうすぐ帰国して悲しいですね。


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