Hokkaido Day 8: Chitose, Lake Toya 

We said goodbye to my friend this morning and headed off to Chitose, home of the salmon aquarium. I personally find aquariums very peaceful. While I wouldn’t consider this one the most peaceful, it is very interactive and unique for a few different reasons. 朝友達と互いに別れの挨拶をして、千歳水族館に行きました。私としては水族館がとても落ち着いた所だと思いますが、この場所が特に落ち着いていなくても、下記の理由でインタラクティブな感じがします。

Right when you walk in there’s a computer screen with fish swimming. It looks so real that some of the members were confused if they were real or not. But then the fish started swimming and made a configuration to spell “hello” and “welcome.” 入ったとったん、泳いでいる魚の絵が映られているコンピューターを見て、本物のように見えるので、本当に本物かどうか分からないんですが、魚が泳いで「hello」や「ようこそ」などの形になった時すぐ偽物だと分かります。

There’s an exhibit with a school of fish swimming endlessly around and around. Some group of middle-aged men were having fun trying to split up and confused the fish. It was funny seeing grown men get a little crazy. One guy even accidentally splashed the water and apologized. 一つの展示会にはずっと回りに泳いでる魚群があり、そしてある中年男性が魚をグループと別れて困惑させ、大人が子供のように振る舞うなんて面白かったですね。また、一人の男性が水跳ねかけてしまって、謝りました。

They had Doctor fish, also known as the fish that eat your dead skin cells. It was so fun and my hands really did feel softer after. 死んだ皮膚細胞を食べるドクターフィッシュもいました。手が入れてからすべすべになってきました!

You can also feed koi fish, but for some reason these fish were either not that smart or they didn’t care too much about the food. コイに餌をやることもできますが、なんとなく頭があまり良くないか食べ物が気にならないようでした。

Part of the aquarium goes under the Tokachi river! 水族館の一部は十勝川の下にあります!

Afterwards we went to see Lake Shikotsuko. The weather was lovely and we got an awesome view. その後、支笏湖へ行き、天気がちょうど良くて景色がよく見えました。

The hotel we are staying at for two nights has the most beautiful views ever. It is my first time staying here and I’m so glad my grandma found this place. It is a located on another lake, Lake Toya. I got a double room even though I’m staying alone so I had tons of room. It was the second nicest room I have stayed in in my life next to Imperial. The best part is that they have fireworks every night on the lake so you can view it from your room or from the outdoor hot springs on the roof. The onsen was beautiful and the view was more amazing from the roof. I’m so lucky to be staying here!  2泊滞在しているホテルの湖畔の眺めが世界一!初めて泊まっており、祖母がこのホテルを選んで嬉しいです。一人でも二人部屋に泊まっているため部屋がとっても大きくて、人生の中で帝国ホテルに次いで良いものだと思います。夜になったら、湖の上に花火大会があり、部屋の窓からか温泉の露天風呂から見えますが、温泉の方がよかったです。その経験、感謝しています!

I took this photo by stacking my camera on top of a bunch of pillows and a binder…

             The Lake View Toya Nonokaze


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