Hokkaido Day 10: Hakodate 

The last city of our Hokkaido tour takes us to Hakodate, advertised for its romantic landscape at night. We relaxed in the bus for three hours during the drive from Lake Toya and arrived in the afternoon.

Our first stop was to Onuma Park. We took a nice boat ride on the lake. I tried to understand the guide speaking in Japanese but I zoned out a few times.

Our second stop was at the Konbukan, a seaweed factory. Before entering the museum, we watched a brief movie about the history and making of konbu. The movie is cool because it is an IMAX dome theater, however it unfortunately made me very motion sick so I had to close my eyes during it. The store sells so many konbu products with a lot of samples you can taste; I was reluctant to taste many of them because they just didn’t sound too appetisizing.

Next we visited an old public hall that is built in a European style. There are many hills throughout Hakodate with Western-style buildings built alongside them. I really enjoyed this building and wanted to dress up in pretty European costumes to take pictures, but I didn’t have time. Next time!

We were going to explore a bit more, but unfortunately the weather was a bit bad so we went to the hotel to relax. I was happy that the hotel offered an onsen that I got to relax in! 

Tonight’s dinner was the farewell dinner in the hotel. The food was absolutely delicious and there were so many courses! I think we all slept well that night after being so full and tired from the trip’s activities. 


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