Hokkaido Day 11: Hakodate, Haneda Airport 

Our last adventure in Hokkaido–in the morning we enjoyed the other parts of Hakodate we were unable to see. The weather was a bit clearer so everyone enjoyed the city more. 

We visited a local market where so many fish products are sold. Many shops sell live products and will kill it for you and serve it to you there fresh. 

Goryokaku tower is another famous landmark in Hakodate. It is a giant observatory overlooking the city and the star-shaped fort used in the Edo period. There are some restaurants and shops in the tower similar to Tokyo Tower, so we stopped and ate some gelato after going up to the top of the observatory.

There are a lot of churches in Hakodate! The churches we passed by are traditional Orthodox churches that have a different cross; they believe that Jesus had a bar for his foot so that’s why there is an extra small bar on the bottom of the cross. 

I saw some young women in a taxi make her taxi driver stop so she could take a picture. He tried his best but she kept correcting him on how to do it. He saw that I was waiting my turn to take a photo and offered to take one for me but I felt bad so I just got someone from our tour to take it. 

We finally ate conveyer belt sushi for lunch! Just thinking about it now makes me hungry again. After lunch we got to do some last-minute souvenir shopping. Hakodate has huge souvenir halls with too many amazing things. I found another music box hall (same brand as the one in Otaru) and ended up buying another music box. This one looks like one of those Russian eggs and plays “When You Wish Upon a Star.”

Finally it was time to go home. We took an hour flight back to Haneda with lots of time in the airport. Haneda is a million times more fun than Narita with just so much to do. In the international terminal there are a lot of fancy restaurants, stores, a flight simulator, cute character shops, car toy racetrack, and the best part–a planetarium cafe! I really wanted to go and everyone else followed me so we ate a light dinner while watching the planetarium shows. It was super cool and relaxing so I recommend it if you are stranded at Haneda for awhile.

This year’s Hokkaido trip was super fun and memorable. It’s time to prepare for my next adventure! 


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