A New Adventure 

On Tuesday I will be embarking on a new adventure for two months! I will be interning at a hotel in Tokyo under the Pasona International Exchange Program. I would be happy to explain all about the application procedure and my overall thoughts on this program after I have completed my internship. For the sake of privacy, I will not reveal which hotel or where exactly I will be living on this blog until later, so for those who know me personally please do not give it away. 

I will be interning in the sales and rooms booking division. In general, I hope to learn as much as I can about the hospitality industry. Whether or not I work in Japan and whether or not I work in hospitality, I know I will be gaining invaluable business skills before entering my senior year of college. 

What exactly inspired me to want to work in hospitality? The main reason is because I want to provide great service just as I have received great service all my life. Many people look down on service industry jobs because we are in a society where it is all about receiving. I believe that this internship will truly humble me as I face various challenges in order to give the very best to clients. If I do end up in a career in hospitality, I hope my work reflects the humbleness that we as Christians are supposed to have as we walk through life.

However, there are many worries and anxieties that I am facing that most people would not sense from the outside.  First and foremost, I struggle with self-hatred that causes me to doubt my abilities as a person and more specifically in my ability to speak Japanese; it is much easier to just believe the lies instead of God’s truth. These past few weeks my mental health has been poor but I am picking myself back up by remembering how God has been faithful to me so far. Since He has opened so many doors for me to participate in this internship this far, I can’t turn back now. 

Secondly, I think I like many other Japanese learners struggle with internalized competition. While there is probably competition in other languages as well, because Japan is known historically to be a more closed society that does not accept outsiders readily, we all want to do our very best to “be the best foreigner.” Like some famous YouTubers who live in Japan say, whenever they mess up they feel ashamed because they feel like they are representing all of foreigners. In addition, the JLPT that supposedly measures “fluency” is another category Japanese learners sometimes internally use as a way to say “I’m a better foreigner because I passed X level.” While there is nothing wrong with passing, many people, myself included, use scores and grades to determine their self-worth as a language learner. 

Realizing this and my weaknesses, I believe that someday I can overcome these issues stated above. Right now I do not really have a plan, but I know that on the days I have really low self-confidence I will just say to myself, “I can speak Japanese!” many times until I sort of believe it. 

Thanks to everyone who always reads my blogs. Please stay amused while reading my future posts! 









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