I got into Japan around 3:30PM although I was supposed to land an hour earlier. My internship booked our flight for us but unfortunately they booked United–all was well until we had to wait an extra hour for some other customers who had delayed connecting flights. Other than that, the flight was fine although I personally think United’s seats are smaller and the food is not as good as other airlines. I also realized mid-flight that I forgot my iPhone charger, something that I have never forgotten before. I almost freaked out but tried to remain calm and I just asked the person next to me to borrow his.

We were supposed to meet at the headquarters by 4PM, but that clearly wasn’t going to happen considering we were delayed. It took me extra long to get through immigration because I have a visa and the people didn’t seem to know what to do at first until they called over the manager. Because I’m only staying two months, I don’t have to have a foreigner card, register my address at the local ward office, or sign up for the national health insurance.

I finally got to the headquarters at around 6PM. Luckily someone else was with me from my internship, so we were late together. I didn’t really have a chance to meet the other students too well, but everyone seems very nice and is very good at Japanese. 

Then I was taken to my internship to meet the person in charge of me. It was absolutely horrible dragging around my suitcase in the humid weather onto the train but I did it with some help! Luckily I was able to stop somewhere and get a phone charger on the way. 

It was super intense for me at first when I got to my internship. They made me take a picture and gave me a card that says I’m an intern there. I can use the card to get into my dorm and to enter the employee offices of the hotel. It was so interesting to see the offices underneath the hotel instead of the formal lobby like I’m used to. I’m still worried that there will be a lot of formalities and things that I don’t know that I may mess up on, but I will do my best.

My dorm is about half an hour away. It’s not really a dorm like the last dorm I stayed at, but rather it is a company sponsored place with individual apartment rooms. There doesn’t seem to be any common rooms so I don’t think I will meet too many people. Everyone who lives here though works at the hotel, though. The dorm is co-ed but women and men are separated by wings. Hopefully I can try to make at least one friend. 

I think my first day can be summed up as moments of doom to moments of confidence. For example, when I realized I didn’t have my charger I thought of all the endless possibilities of what could go wrong. Likewise, when I first got to the headquarters and the hotel I had moments of doubt that I really wanted to do this and questioned if I really could survive in a Japanese work environment. However, I’m really trying to challenge myself and I’m asking God to give me a willingness to learn and a humble heart whenever I do anything. Hopefully the people around me too can extend grace and understanding when I make mistakes. 








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