Exploring Yokohama

I got to meet up with my college friend who is currently studying abroad in Japan now and hang out with his friends in Yokohama. I also got to see an epal that I met last semester when I studied abroad in the same program, as well as meet new friends! 

We ate lunch in Chinatown. It was my first time here and it was very nice! There are a lot of souvenir shops and so many restaurants to choose from. A lot of the restaurants are all-you-can-eat and that’s what we decided to do. There were a lot of delicious options however in my opinion I don’t think the food was the freshest. 

We went to the Red Brick District after to do some shopping. I think this place can be comparable to the souvenir warehouses in Hakodate. There were so many cute shops with things that I wanted so I may have to go back before I leave! 

I decided to go home after that even though I think everyone else went to eat dinner and then go clubbing. I’m getting a bit tired because my body is not used to the humidity and walking. You would think that with the amount of time I’ve spent here last year that I would be fine, but I’ve been kind of tired lately. However, I am excited for tomorrow’s last adventure before I start my internship. 






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