My First Day

So it turns out that I had nothing to worry about on my first day! My commute to work was the typical rush hour although I have to say it is way worse than last year when I lived in Chiba; people here have no chill and are a little crankier in my opinion (or maybe it was just today and the people around me looked irritated every time someone bumped into them). There is definitely zero chance that I will be able to sit down on the train during morning commute, so I have to get used to standing in heels I guess…

I went to the HR office by 9AM and everyone was so nice and helpful. They showed me the day’s schedule as well as what I will be doing for the rest of the internship. I am very excited!

Today was just basically getting used to the company; I was introduced to the office side of the hotel and given some basic information about the company and the history of hotels in Japan. I’m definitely going to get lost here! I was also given a lot of documents that are given to people who first enter the company to study. I also tried on the uniform I will be wearing at the end of the internship when I work for the concierge. I’m so glad that that’s at the end of the internship because I’m not confident enough in my Japanese yet to serve clients.

At 9 the HR sections have their own individual meetings where everyone goes over the schedules. Once again, I feel like this activity would be so useful in an American company because it not only keeps employees accountable, but it also builds group trust and charisma. Later, the whole HR department has a meeting and it was then that I gave my short self-introduction in front of everyone. It was nice to see both men and women in the company instead of just the typical male business office.

At 10 I went to the President’s office to give a greeting. I can’t really give information about this meeting because it is personal information, but I will say that it is an incredible opportunity to meet the president of any company in Japan. I am honored to be their intern and I hope to work very hard for them.

When it became lunchtime we all went to the cafeteria together as a group. I like how people eat with their department instead of just eating alone like I do all the time at school. Our department even has its own break room where people can eat snacks and watch TV during break. I was happy to see that pretty much everyone in HR went to lunch and took their break instead of skipping it to do work.

My only main task for the day was to translate a document for the HR department. There were a lot of vocab I didn’t understand, but once I got the vocab down it was pretty easy to translate. I have definitely improved so much since last year’s internship. I can pretty much understand almost everything that is said to me (except if it is a difficult topic like history) and feel confident enough to ask questions this time if I don’t understand something. I still have a very long way to go though! 

I want to make it clear that I am very privileged to be here. It was God who chose me to be adopted into the family I am which gave me the opportunity to visit Japan many times and develop connections within this industry. He gave me the skills to be accepted into this program that has provided me financially to get me here. I truly feel that all the little things that I have done or experienced has led me up to this point, so I really want to do my best to showcase that I have been blessed with much even though I do not deserve it. 

Time to begin my life as a typical company worker!!


3 thoughts on “My First Day

  1. Wishing you all the luck in the world with your new job! Rush hour is never fun, and people get cranky very often! I normally just stick on some music and try and ignore how busy it is 🙂

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