New Staff Training

Today instead of doing work, I joined new staff members for a day of training. I have many things to say about what I learned so I hope you find it interesting!

Most of the other staff members were young people like me, but others were adults who were changing careers in the middle of their life. A few were foreigners from Asian countries who have been living in Japan for a long time, so they speak like native speakers. The hotel staff was very kind to me but treated me just like everyone else, while being mindful that Japanese is not my first language so there are some things I may not understand. Surprisingly I did very well at understanding the information and didn’t zone out as much as I thought I would. I feel very proud that I was able to complete a regular day of draining like a typical Japanese new staff worker.

Throughout the day we learned various information like the history of the hotel, the hotel’s motto, hotel manners, etc. I will talk about the most interesting things here.

One interesting and practical thing we learned was how to stand, walk, bow, and direct clients properly. For example, when standing in the lobby where clients can see you, you have to stand in a proper way to give a good impression; women must stand with their feet open 30 degrees while men must stand with their feet open 60 degrees. I know these details sound too complicated from the American point of view, but we got to practice and were critiqued so it wasn’t as hard as it sounded. It is these types of things that I was excited to learn about! 

Most importantly, we learned how to talk to clients using proper Japanese. In Japan, each company will have different rules regarding language formality, and this hotel definitely has the most formal language requirements. I felt good that even the other Japanese students weren’t used to it so I didn’t feel like the only one who was nervous. 

We also got to go inside the hotel to see the restaurants, lobby, etc. We even saw one of the most expensive suites! The suite is apparently about $5,000 a night, but that’s not even the most expensive one; the most expensive one is about $10,000. The rooms here are designed with psychology in mind with every little detail planned. To be honest, it was super nice but as far as the layout and technology goes, the room I stayed in before that is way cheaper (but still very expensive) is very much similar. I wish I could live in a hotel…

The training ended with some videos of current staff members being interviewed on why they like working here. It was very touching and I hope to be someone who really loves her job. At the end they used a Christian song in the background and I thought it was so funny; they probably didn’t know it was a Christian praise song but anyways, I took it as another sign that God really opened the door for me to intern here. 

Can’t wait for another day!  










2 thoughts on “New Staff Training

  1. wow i loved reading this post :’) i think it’s soo cool that you’re getting so comfortable with japanese

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