First Week 

I completed my first week of my hotel internship! The last three days I worked in the general affairs department under various teams such as event planning, web marketing, public relations, etc. I learned so much about general business in addition to all of the important departments that make up a hotel.

While I wasn’t given much “work” to do like a typical intern, I was thoroughly talked to one-on-one by each of the section heads about all of their operations. I felt sort of bad that I was taking up their work time so that they could teach me, but I was so grateful for the coaching. I hope they are not giving me too much special treatment because they know my grandma.

Some interesting things I experienced was getting to go inside the hotel again and see things like the wedding venues and tea rooms. I had no idea that such things existed inside the hotel so that was a really neat thing to see. I don’t even want to get married in particular but I want to have a wedding after learning about all the fantastic wedding services they offer. I also got to attend some staff meetings; unfortunately it was super hard for me to understand at some points because everyone talks so fast and uses words that I just do not understand. It can be a bit discouraging sometimes but it can’t be helped. 

Lunchtime was fun this week because I got to spend time with the other workers. We went out to nearby restaurants instead of eating at the company cafeteria. 

Although I did not contribute much, I was asked a lot about my opinion on marketing things because I am a young foreigner. It was fun giving my opinion and trying to help them understand their hotel brand from an outsider’a view. I was able to help with some of their English Instagram posts as well as create some of my own slogan titles for the hotel for advertisements. I don’t particularly think I write beautiful English so it was a challenge to think of catchy phrases. 

I think I’m at the point where I’m getting a bit tired and finding the write phrases in Japanese is hard for me, but I will push through to get better! From next week I start in the sales division! 

                    Visiting another hotel


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