Week Two Recap

Week two done! However that means I only have about six weeks left of my internship–it is not enough time! Two months is not enough time to improve my Japanese to fully-functioning business level, nor is it enough time to learn everything I want to learn about hotel business. Pretty soon I will have to go back home to finish up my senior year of college and although I personally am dreading it for various reasons, I will see how I can use this experience to hopefully be able to use my Japanese skills in my future career. That’s something to look forward to I guess.

I am really enjoying my time in sales so far and will miss the team after these two weeks. Although I can’t do a lot of hands on work for them, I’m diligently trying to learn more and more each day. I’m really enjoying going to the various hotels and writing my report with beautiful graphs and whatnot. However, I’m actually not sure if I would want to work in sales in a hotel even in the U.S.; I know every hotel is different, but in this department they not only sell rooms but are heavily involved in selling banquet spaces for events. Although I have a lot of event planning experience since high school, I think I am actually more interested in the marketing side and/or thinking of ways to improve hotel service. I am happy that I get to see all different types of work, though. 

I am getting a lot better understanding what is being said to me and responding with longer, more thought-out responses. My main challenge is to understand what is happening in meetings and sales calls; yesterday’s meeting I understood about 40%, and today it was about 60%, so I suppose it is getting there. I also have trouble understanding males…I think males sometimes talk faster and don’t open their mouth so much to annunciate, while as more of the women are mindful that I’m not going to understand everything so they speak more slowly and in general just talk with a higher-pitched, easy-to-hear voice. I also think I’m getting deaf in my left ear again which is impeding my understanding…

After work I explored Ginza with my friend and ate Korean food for dinner. I saw the “Ginza Cat” again, this time with a scarf wrapped around its neck. Also went back to Ginza Six to take some more pictures. This weekend is a three-day weekend so I’m excited to see what I will do! 

I posted these photos in a catspotting group online and they received over 2,000 likes!


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