Hiking Mt. Takao

I can’t believe I hiked Mt. Takao yesterday in the heat! I was invited by a church friend to hike with a group of people, and while I was so glad to hang out with them and make new friends, I can’t say that I will be hiking again anytime soon. 昨日非常に暑くても高尾山に登ったなんて信じられない!協会の友達にグループとしてハイキングを招待されて、新しい友達ができたし、良かったですけれど、近いうちに二度と登りたくないと思います。

We met at 10:30 at Takaosanguchi station. I think if you are going to hike in the summer, you should probably start a bit earlier than we did to avoid the heat. It was a about an hour and a half train ride from where I live, so it is not terribly far. What was terrible was the fact that I did not prepare properly because I didn’t bring any exercise clothes (other than shoes) nor did I bring a backpack so I had to carry all my stuff in my small Charles & Keith purse. 朝10時半に高尾山口駅に集合し、夏にハイキングをしたらもう少し早く始めた方がいいと思います。寮から駅まで1時間半かかって、そんなに遠くないんですが、運動着を持って来なかったから長いズボンを履いたし、リュックもなかったから小さいカバンを持ったし、大変になりました!

The hike is not terribly hard to be honest if you wear the proper clothes and if it is not that hot. There is plenty of shade and opportunities to rest along the way. I saw many elderly people hike it so if they can do it, so can you! 実は適当な服を着てあまり暑くなったらそんなに難しくないと思います。その上に、日陰や休憩所がたくさんあるし、お年寄りの方ができれば、私たちもうそうです!

The end of the hike is particularly the hardest; there are a lot of steps that just keep on going up. Once you get to the top there are some restaurants and places to buy ice cream or shaved ice. In my opinion, I don’t think the view is THAT nice but it does feel good knowing you got to the top. ずっと上昇し続ける階段があるし、終わりには特に難しくなりました。ピークに着いたらレストランやアイスかかき氷などあり、景色は本当に素晴らしいと言えないんですが…

Instead of hiking all the way down, we took the chair lift which was so fun. I rode a couple of chair lifts in Hokkaido so it was fun to do it again. 降りた時チェアリフトに乗り、北海道で乗ったことがあって、また乗れて良かったです。

At the station there is also onsen that you can go to and relax. Beware that the onsen is a little pricey (1,000¥) and very crowded because lots of tourists go there. My favorite bath was the carbonated one. 高尾山口駅に温泉がありますが、大人の入場料は千円だし、混んでいるし、オススメしません。でも、好きなお風呂は炭酸温泉でした。

I’m thankful to have been invited and I definitely got my share of exercise! よく運動したし、誘われて嬉しかったです!


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