Marine Day

We had a three-day weekend because Monday was Umi no Hi, or Marine Day. Most people go to the beach or partake in some sort of summery activity, but I didn’t go to the beach at all. I heard many of the other interns went to Kamakura, a famous place that also has a nice beach, but I have been just too tired to do anything. I must admit that I did nap a decent amount on Sunday and Monday because the heat makes me not want to do anything. I am glad that I explored most of Tokyo in the five months that I was here last year, so now I can just sort of relax and hang out with friends as I please. 

I decided to go to Odaiba, one of my favorite places in Tokyo that also is by the water because it is a man made island. I went to the normal places I like to shop but surprisingly did not find anything that I liked too much, which is good so that I can save money. The weather was hot so I tried to stay indoors as much as possible.

There were several interesting events throughout Odaiba as usual. There is always the amusing street performer that does fun tricks and whatnot. There was also a show performed by Harajuku Monogatari, an idol group similar to AKB48. These girls look so young and when I searched them up online, most of them were only about 16 years old. It was weird to see so many middle-aged men who were super fans that were dancing to all the moves. I personally find it creepy that older men would fan over underage girls but…I guess that is just another interesting part of Japanese pop culture. 

This week I will continue my role as an intern in the sales department. Let’s see what else I will learn!  


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