I haven't been blogging much these days because I just want to try and use as little English as possible. I suppose I could translate my posts but there is just not enough time to do it.

This past week I got to experience some cool things. Last Thursday I went to another competitor hotel, except this time we were invited to have lunch there! The meal was semi-buffet style so I enjoyed a steak and the desserts buffet. That night I also got to attend a comedy play at a theatre. The play was "Death Trap," based on the same American story plot. Honestly it was incredibly hard for me to understand the Japanese, and actually when I went to go read the English synopsis online, I was also confused. I'm thankful for those fun experiences and hey, who doesn't love some free stuff?

Over the weekend I met up with an old high school friend who is also interning in Tokyo. It was incredibly hot but we went to Omotesando and Harajuku. Omotesando has so many designer stores and honestly I just don't have the personality to appreciate most of the designer clothing. A lot of the designs are so interesting and my friend and I were laughing so hard at the things we were finding.

On top of the Louis Vuitton in Omotesando is Espace, an art gallery that changes with season. Currently it is featuring an artist that is also in SFMOMA; he makes art out of fluorescent light bulbs. We were trying so hard to understand the deep meaning behind the art.

I'm sad that this is my last few days in sales. I feel like I am getting to know everybody and now it is time to leave. There are moments when I have extreme sadness over my Japanese skills, and moments where I feel like I am getting better. I could honestly make a list of reasons why I could never work in Japan, but at the same time I could make a list of reasons why it would be much better to live here rather than in the U.S. I'm just going day by day and seeing what's new.


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