Last Day in Sales

My last day in sales was on Wednesday. That day I had a two-hour lunch with one of my Grandma's friends who used to work at the hotel. He is already retired but he did so many jobs at the hotel and was the manager and department head of various places. It was so nice to meet him and hear about his history working here. As we were eating various people would stop by and say a greeting to him. I think a lot of the people he knows is probably retired and no longer work there, but it was nice to see the people that still work there greet an "old veteran" from the hotel.

The funniest thing that happened was that he made a list of people I should meet at the hotel and he also kept telling me to use my contacts to try and get a job. It was very sweet of him to see how he had so much faith in me, even though I know there are way more qualified people than me to work at a hotel like this. My feeling right now is that I am going to take as much opportunity as I can here to learn about traditional Japanese hospitality and then use that as an advantage point to work in any hotel or service industry, Japanese or American. Although it would be wonderful to work at a place like my internship, I'm starting to think it would be best in the long-term to not mix pleasure with business. Contacts are nice to have and are always a privilege, but it is good to step out of the bubble too.

At night they held a farewell party for me at a shabu-shabu restaurant in Ginza. The food was delicious but the most important part for me was getting to sit down and really get to know my co-workers more. Everyone is so fun and nice and I consider them to be my friends. I am so blessed and thankful for their patience and their kind teaching. Many of them love to sing, especially musicals, so I am excited to go to karaoke sometime with them in August.

I wish I could have contributed more to their team, but I will do my best in the rest of the internship and going forward as I finish my dreaded senior year. Next I will intern in the rooms division!


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