Cultural Event

I was so stressed this weekend I forgot to write about the cultural event that Pasona held for us on Saturday. I feel that because I was so worried about studying for the concierge, I was too stressed to have quality conversation with the other interns, and for that I apologize. I will be better at stress management from now on!

Nonetheless, the activities were a lot of fun and I am thankful for Pasona for providing such awesome things for us. We were supposed to go to Awaji Island, about an eight-hour bus ride from Tokyo, but something happened and that got cancelled. Although I love traveling in Japan, I'm glad that it got cancelled and that we only did a one-day cultural event in Tokyo because I would have been super tired and stressed out. God was looking out for me there haha!

The first thing we did was attempt to make soba noodles. I made soba once in Akita last year and it was really fun. You have to get a special kind of flour and then mix in water slowly. Then there is a special way of smoothing the dough out, which we weren't that good at all. To cut the noodles you use a special knife and this other thing and you must cut them not too small or too thin. We did a really bad job but it tasted the same as normal noodles!

The second activity was to try glass carving. I really wish they explained how to make various shapes and lines a bit more, but it was basically a time for us to mess up and figure it out as we go. We all drew our designs with sharpie and then took it over to the carving machines. It was probably the most fun art activity I've done in Japan but it was so hard and I don't even think mine turned out too great but that's okay. I tried to make a moon and then some stars, but I think the moon looks like a banana…anyways the first thing that came to my mind after making this was the cliche praise song "Cannons" by Phil Wickham.

Afterwards some people went to go hang out in Asakusa even though it was pouring rain, and then afterwards a group went to the Sumidagawa fireworks. There was not a chance that I was going to hang out in a crowded area in the rain, so I quickly went home to study for work. Even though the day was stressful, I'm happy to have gotten out of the apartment and meet with people, even if I was quiet most of the time.


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