Dinner With My Old Internship

This week has not been so busy at the hotel so I have been less stressed. I think in general I am starting to get used to the demands of the concierge, although there is still so much I do not know and cannot do because of my lack of language skills. I feel that everyone is quite understanding of my language background as a non-native speaker who did not grow up in a bilingual home, while at the same time still encouraging me to take on new responsibilities and helping me to understand more Japanese. However, I still feel such a burden because I have to ask them so many questions. Whenever there is a question from a guest I do not understand, I immediately follow up with my superior to ask what the person said so that I can do better next time. I also write notes on the spot whenever I come across new information. So far I have been able to answer those questions from that point on after embarrassingly not knowing it the first time.

Today I helped quite a few foreign guests with more complicated things than just giving the usual directions. One guy tried to give us tips, but it feels uncomfortable in Japan so we just put it in the box in the office; maybe we can all eat sweets together with the money. Sometimes people ask interesting things like: "what exact time is the typhoon coming?" or "why is this character so popular here?" and you may not always know the answers, but you cannot say that you don't know something and then just be done, but rather you must show that you are making a sincere effort to find out the information and then say that you are unclear but maybe this is the reason…This is the service my grandma has always given and I wish more Americans were like that.

After work I had dinner with my former internship because it was their current intern's farewell party. I feel that my last internship is my family because they have been so kind to invite me to so many things. Everyone said that I improved so much in Japanese since last year and honestly I would agree. I still think I suck but compared to last year, I sucked even more! Last year I could not do things such as answer basic questions or read labels at the drug store. Three internships later and I have come a long way.

My former company members also gave me advice about jobs and handed me some resources about some potential jobs that I am extremely interested in. I am thankful for their support and will just take any opportunity and will let God open and close the doors as He pleases.

In a few weeks I will see them again for the last time this summer, so I look forward to reuniting with them all!


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