Art Aquarium 2017

There were so many hard questions today at the concierge! I feel bad that I often have to ask for help from my superiors because I just cannot comprehend what is being said, but then when I follow up with them after the question so I can learn new vocabulary, there was just no way I would ever have been able to know such knowledge. I think that because I am the first non-native speaker and foreigner to work for the concierge as an intern, it is extremely hard for me to know some things without the cultural background. This internship is truly humbling because even though I have studied for over seven years and completed a couple of internships in Japan before this, there is so much I really do not know. School does not prepare you to actually understand the language that allows you to deeply connect with the people there; only immersing yourself does. Although sometimes throughout the day I feel a bit sad, I try not to let it bother me nor do I fixate on what I think others think of me. Maybe it is so hard for me because this is my first "language boot camp" where my brain is really being forced past its limit in order to try to become bilingual.

I am glad I am experiencing this now before I start applying for jobs. I think that jobs in Japan for foreigners all have different language requirements and that some people may be able to enter into the Japanese workforce (other than English teaching) with little to no language difficulty or just may be able to deal with not being able to understand everything 100% perfectly, but my personality is different and I cannot deal with not being able to form somewhat deep relationships and understand the whole meaning behind everything. My mental health is more important and I honestly never want to be this stressed again for something language related, so I have made the decision to not apply to positions directly in Japan upon graduation, but rather I will apply to Japanese jobs in the U.S. among other things. It is no fun having mild health issues due to stress nor is it worth being cooped up inside your house on the weekends because you are too worried about work. Once again this is just my experience, but everyone is different and should do what they can do best.

After work I got rid of my stress by going to the Art Aquarium in Nihonbashi. I went last year with my study abroad friends and it was really great! Honestly there is not a huge difference from last year, but the entrance is only 1,000¥ so it is not bad. It was a little too crowded the time I went but I waited patiently and took all the photos I wanted to. Below are some of my favorite photos from the aquarium. Enjoy!


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