New Training

This week, instead of working at the concierge, I am assisting the guest attendants who work on the VIP floors. After this week, I will have three more days in the concierge, and then we have the farewell party the day before we have to go home. Super busy and so many new things to learn!

The attendants are part of the housekeeping branch, which takes care of inspecting the rooms, providing special rooming requests, etc. The main difference between this job and the concierge is that the attendants do the “behind the scenes” service in preparation for the arrival of the guest. While the concierge does do some things ahead of time for guests such as booking restaurant reservations beforehand for those that want it early, the majority of the work is day-by-day whoever needs help. In contrast, interaction with guests is a little more “planned” as an attendant, as you know which guests are coming and most of the time their needs if they are a repeater guest.

Attendants are also not like butlers. While butlers do things right away when they are told, attendants are mostly doing anticipatory service. For example, providing extra tea sets for those guests who like tea or giving extra cutlery for those that have leftover food in the fridge. In order to find out more about the guest and memorize who they are/what they look like, you have to observe their room (i.e. what types of cosmetics they use, what kinds of clothing they wear, etc.). Although this may seem a bit creepy to know that the staff are observing your things, it helps them know your stay patterns so they can provide you even better service.

I learned so much about paying attention to such small details today. Everything is thought out so carefully with the client in mind. It was not so busy today so I did not have much interaction with clients like I do at the concierge, except when I greeted them and sent them off in the elevator. Today I mostly followed one attendant around to observe what she does and helped her with various tasks within the rooms and at the computer. I was able to understand quite a bit more than I thought, but understanding basic directions when it comes to office work is still a bit hard for me and I do not pick up things quite as fast as I would like.

Probably the most fun thing about today was going into the biggest suite in the hotel and visiting people’s rooms when we had to do inspections and perform special requests. Never before have I seen so many designer things in one room; I did not even know that Louis Vuitton makes such household items other than clothing and accessories. The bourgeois life was real today…

Although I do not think I would ideally want to be a guest attendant in a hotel, I am glad to be training in this department to learn more about the hotel industry.


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