Karaoke With Co-Workers

My last weekend in Tokyo was probably my best weekend the entire journey. On Friday night I met up again with my old internship company and this time my co-intern was also able to come! We ate at a nice restaurant that served various types of meat that you grill at your table, but not like a typical yakiniku place. The best part of the dinner was that I was able to meet the president’s six-month old baby and hold him. I personally am not a huge fan of children (unless they are nice and cute), but this baby was just adorable and so gentle! He let us all hold him and even snuggled up against my chest. It honestly felt like I was holding a giant cat.

Afterwards we went to the same karaoke box that we usually go to and it was fun singing crazy together. I feel like the best karaoke times I have had in my life have been with this company, so for that I am so thankful. At the end the president gave me a hug and reminded me that I was part of their family–another reason why I just have to keep coming back to Tokyo.

On Saturday I went to dinner and karaoke again with people from the sales department that I interned with earlier. The people I went with are two young guys so it was really funny singing American pop songs. Whenever I sang Japanese songs, they said I suddenly sounded like a Japanese person, but then would switch to an American when we went back to the pop music. I guess my voice and personality really do change depending on what language I speak.

On Sunday I got to spend time with a co-worker who really helped me out during my time at the concierge. We are close in age so it is nice to be able to meet people who are just a bit older than I who are working at the hotel so I can get some advice. I wish I could have more time to get to know all these nice people but I guess we will have to do with keeping in touch via social media.

Thankful for all the people who made my internship a memorable one!


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