Farewell Party

The farewell party was held the night before we all had to leave Japan. Before the party began, we all gathered at Pasona Headquarters to go over the schedule of events and practice what we were supposed to do. The event would be broadcasted on Facebook Live so people all over the world could see, so we definitely wanted to look proper and official for the event!

We also got to go see the farming event that was held upstairs in the building; several farm animals are currently residing in an office space for an initiative aimed at educating the public on agriculture. It was so cute seeing all the different animals and so strange to see them in an office building.

The party started around 6:30PM and people from our internships also came. I was so grateful that one person from the hotel came to celebrate the night with me; I am very thankful for all her support to me these past few months and how caring of a person she truly is.

I gave my speech first and felt that I did okay, however I definitely read a lot from my phone that had my written script on it. We all presented a two to three minute speech summarizing our experience, what we learned, and what we plan to do in the future. Everyone made nice Powerpoints with fun pictures on it.

After everyone gave their speeches, some other people (i.e. Company workers, alumni, etc.) said a few words and then we were awarded a certificate from Pasona. We also all got on stage as interns and sang a song, Tegami, to the audience. It was a very touching time and I am so blessed to have been a part of this internship. I wish I could have gotten to know everyone a bit more, but I know that we will all meet again in the future.

Unfortunately I had to leave immediately after the party and was unable to talk to anyone much longer because my friend was waiting for me. I felt a bit bad that I could not spend more time with everyone, but I was so happy to spend one last evening with my friend before going home the next day.

Now that I am back at school, there is not a day that goes by that I don’t reminisce about my internship experience and Japan life that I had not only this year, but last year as well. I know that my time was extremely stressful at some points and it felt like I was complaining, but I feel that I learned a lot about myself during this time and developed meaningful relationships with people I hope to remain in contact with as long as possible. I will admit that it will be hard for me to finish this college year; it is not that I do not like school or the people around me, but I feel that my experiences abroad just somehow cannot compare to my college experiences. In addition, my chosen studies unfortunately do not really relate to my ideal career path, so it is difficulty for me to stay motivated learning things that I feel are very specialized in topics that I may not use.

It was truly a dream to participate in this internship program and intern specifically at this hotel that is so meaningful to my grandma. When I look back, it feels like I got to “play” and learn so much about my favorite hotel, aka my grandma’s second home. Now that I have fulfilled this dream, I must find a new one, which is another reason to be a bit sad. However, I will work hard and try to find a new dream in my last year of college.


One thought on “Farewell Party

  1. Great job, Naomi!
    You are wise to have these summer internships. I am sure it was a growth experience that you welcomed.
    This hotel was my mother’s place of employment
    during the 80’s. It is a special place for you, I can see.

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