22 Favorite Memories

1. Wearing my face paint that I begged for, for 24 hours at Walt Disney World. The next day when we passed by the lady who did it the day before, she retouched it for free.

2. The chocolate donut my Grandma and Grandpa always brought me when they babysat me on Wednesdays.

3. Going to Disneyland for free on a random day after visiting my mom at her office at lunchtime.

4. Playing Fatty Bear, Pajama Sam, and PutPut computer games while eating a cookie for breakfast.

5. Playing indoor volleyball with my mom and watching my dad play computer games.

6. Visiting both of Catherine the Great’s palaces.

7. Swimming in the jacuzzi while sailing through an ice berg in Alaska.

8. Dressing up in my handmade costumes and going to my church’s harvest festival.

9. Visiting Hong Kong and Tokyo Disneyland in one week.

10. Staying at the Imperial Hotel Tokyo and watching my Grandma be greeted by all her friends dressed in black suits.

11. My first time getting first place on a gymnastics event and getting a score of over 9.0.

12. Sailing on the world’s biggest ocean liner.

13. Adopting an 8-week old tuxedo kitten from PetCo.

14. Wearing my frilly blue Betsey Johnson dress that I bought myself for 8th grade graduation.

15. Playing drinking games with real “geisha (geiko and maiko)” and dressing up like one, too.

16. Winning karaoke festival all four years of high school with my best friend.

17. Living with a host family and attending a local high school in Akita, Japan.

18. Cruising across the Atlantic Ocean with George and Brad Takei.

19. Staying at the Beverly Wilshire to attend a gala that Maria Shriver spoke at.

20. Keeping a fat cat secretly in our dorm room for one semester with my best friend.

21. Experiencing an outdoor onsen (hot springs bath) while it was snowing.

22. Being an intern in Tokyo.

I guess life is worth living after all.


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